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The Metaphysical Meaning of Pain and Illness, Part 1

Metamedicine is made up of the Greek prefix meta, which means beyond. Metamedicine goes beyond traditional medicine.

We are talking about a metaphysical medicine that transcends the physical plane (body and its symptoms) to look for the psychological (mind) or spiritual (soul) causes of the disease.

Sincerely wanting to heal can motivate a person to make the necessary changes in those attitudes, feelings and emotions that are responsible for their suffering.

Healing will not occur just by knowing its cause. Even when a conflict or emotion has been released, the body needs time to repair the affected tissue or organ.

Healing is nothing more than returning to a state of harmony and balance. To admit a difficulty or a weakness is to be already on the way to overcoming it.

Let's get to know some metaphysical meanings of pain and illness depending on where they are located. Published in the book “You can heal your life”, by Louis Hay.

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The Heart

It represents love, blood and joy. The heart is the pump that with love makes joy circulate through our veins.

When we deprive ourselves of love and joy, the heart shrinks, cools down and, as a result, the circulation becomes sluggish and we are on the way to anemia, angina pectoris and heart attacks.

But the heart does not attack us. We are the ones who get so caught up in the dramas that we create that we often stop paying attention to the little joys that surround us.

We spend years expelling all the joy from the heart until, literally, the pain destroys it. People who have heart attacks are never happy.

If you don't take the time to appreciate the pleasures in life, you're setting yourself up for a heart attack. Heart of gold, heart of stone, open heart, no heart, all heart...

Which of these expressions do you think fits you the most?

The Body

The body, like everything in life, is a mirror of our ideas and beliefs. The body is always talking to us, we just need to take the time to listen to it.

Every cell in your body responds to every single thing you think, every word you say.

When a way of speaking and thinking becomes continuous, it is finally expressed in behaviors and body postures, in the way of being and in discomfort.

The person who has a frown did not get it by having happy ideas and feelings of love. The face and body of the elderly clearly show the way they have thought for a lifetime.

What face will you have at 80 years old?

The Ears

They represent the ability to hear. When there are problems with your ears, it usually means that something is happening to you that you don't want to know about.

Ear pain indicates what you hear causes anger. This is a common pain in children who often have to hear things at home that they don't really want to hear.

Children are often forbidden by house rules to express their anger, and their inability to change things gives them an earache.

Deafness represents a refusal to listen to someone, which can come from a long time ago. Notice that when one member of a couple doesn't listen, the other is usually talkative.

The Head

It represents us in what we show to the world. The part of our body by which we are generally recognized.

When something is wrong in the head region, it usually means that we feel that something is wrong with us.

Hair represents strength. When we are tense and scared, we often make these steel bands that originate in the muscles of the shoulders and go up to the top of the head.

When there is a lot of tension in the scalp, the hair can be subjected to such pressure that it does not allow it to breathe, thus causing it to die and fall out.

If the tension is maintained and the scalp does not relax, the follicle remains so tense that new hair cannot come out, and baldness is the result.

In women, baldness has been on the increase since they began to enter the business world, with all its stress and frustrations.

Being tense is not being strong, tension is weakness. Being relaxed, centered and calm is really being strong.

It would be good for all of us to relax our bodies more, and many of us also need to relax our scalps. Try it. Tell your scalp to relax and see if there is any difference.

If you have a perceptible sense of relaxation, we recommend that you practice this exercise frequently.

The Eyes

The eyes represent the ability to see. When we have problems with them, it usually means that there is something we do not want to see, either in ourselves or in the past, present or future life.

Whenever there are children who wear glasses at home, something is happening that they do not want to look at. Since they cannot change the situation, they find a way to not see it so clearly.

Many people have had amazing healing experiences when they were willing to go back in time to cleanse, and throw out what they didn't want to see a year or two before they had to start wearing the glasses.

Aren't you denying something that happens in your present? What do you not want to face? Are you afraid to look at the present or the future?

If you could see clearly, what would you see that you don't see now? Can you see what you are doing to yourself? It would be interesting to consider these questions.

The Joints

They allow movement with grace and ease. If our joints are stiff and we are unable to move, we become rigid and our means of expression become inflexible.

Through the joints we can express ourselves easily and appropriately. Joints contain hard tissue, soft tissue, and fluid, so problems in the area can affect one or more of these three.

An inflammation in the joints reveals a resistance or irritation regarding movement. Perhaps a fear of what lies ahead or a difficulty in submitting to them.

There is a lack of energy moving through the joints, indicating that we are taking energy from that part of our body-mind. This depends on the area of ​​the body affected.

For example, the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints allow us to move energy from the heart to the hands so that we can express our emotional feelings.

These joints also authorize the free expression of our creative energy and activate our executive skills. Dysfunction in any of these joints can indicate a fear, opposition or resistance to express that energy.


They come from the fact of disavowing ourselves. The next time you have a headache, stop to think about how and when you have been unfair to yourself.

Forgive yourself, don't think about it anymore and the headache will dissolve back into the nothingness where it came from.

Migraines or headaches are created by people who want to be perfect and put excessive pressure on themselves.

There is an intense repressed anger in them. 

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Past Lives: How to know who I was?

We spend our whole lives on a path of self-knowledge, trying to discover who we are in the HERE and NOW. But we often forget to reflect on our Past Lives.

It's important to know who we were in a previous life in order to be able to take on the challenges of the current life.

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How to know who I was in my Past Life?


Have you ever had a dream where you felt that you have already lived that moment? Have you ever had the feeling that it's not just a dream, but a memory that isn't your current life?

A dream so real that it reveals to you, perhaps, the last moment in a previous life? When you have a dream like this, write it down, because it could give you a clue of the person you once were.

It can even give you a little understanding of certain concerns that you hold in this life. It's advisable to have a dream log, to analyze your valuable memories later.

Regressions to Past Lives

There are highly effective regression therapies that could help you. Regressions are techniques that rely on hypnosis and other methods that alter consciousness.

There, you could recall certain events from a supposed past.

You can even improve conditions in your health that are related to diseases in other lives, in which your body remembers these symptoms and somatizes them in this current life.

Keep in mind that your brain stores the information of all your lives with the help of the pineal gland.

When you consciously don't know why you are experiencing certain things, there will always be a response within your subconscious that explains why, but only you can interpret the meaning of it.

The Tikkun of Kabbalah

You also have the option that the Kabbalah shows to you, a powerful tool to eliminate your doubts called tikkun; this is an Aramaic word that means “correction”.

According to your date of birth, you may reveal the type of decisions you made in past lives and, more importantly, the ones you should make in this one.

By understanding your personal tikkun, you would be able to: identify your past weaknesses; recognize the baggage you carry from previous lives.

Also, avoid the obstacles and detours that slow down your progress towards the Light; overcome your deepest fears; and become "all you could ever be”, in its deepest sense.

Reincarnation and Karma

There are people you know today that you probably already knew in one of your many lifetimes.

Remember that we come to this world to experience the unknown, and each experience is different for each human being, even for yourself in different lives.

For example, if in a previous life you were a prince, perhaps in this life you may experience the life of an average person, so to speak.

Discovering who you were in a past life is a very personal journey that you must experience and interpret it. 

You can do this with each thing that comes to you in the form of feeling, knowledge, dream or divine revelation.

And this will help you grow in this life, also overcoming obstacles or challenges that have been given to you.

Now that you know these varied tools to discover who you were in a past life, which one are you going to experience first? Leave us your comment.

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How to Invoke your Guardian Angel?

Whenever you feel lonely, anguished or sick, you can invoke your Angel, he will help and listen you.

You can invoke him in case of danger or to give you courage when facing important commitments or extreme situations.

You can also call him to cheer up and protect your children, to help you overcome any negative feelings, or to free yourself from old structures, to change them and to put new and transforming energy into your work and your relationships.

Your guardian angel will always help you.

How to do this?

Invoking is done through visualization, which is a true magical act in Human Being's life.

It is possible to "magically create" by using our divine powers with the help of Angels.

Contacting our Guardian Angel, both visually and feeling his presence, requires one or several invoking sessions.

He will speak to us through our inner voice, guiding our steps, correcting our adverse behaviors and feelings, until we achieve the physical, mental and spiritual balance needed to make his appearance possible.

Decree to Invoke your Guardian Angel

Decree… (You can only repeat the first paragraph while viewing it with your eyes closed, as explained above.)

Guardian angel, my guardian dear, every this day be by my side, I give you thanks!

Beloved Guardian Angel, you were assigned to me from I was born and before, when it was only an idea in the Universe Mind!

You are my connection to the spiritual world, just as I am your connection to the physical world!

I open my heart to you and I ask you to appear in a clear and understandable form through messages and signals I would understand!

My whole being is opened to light and love!

I trust in you and your powerful and sacred presence to travel together through the path to enlightenment, health, prosperity, happiness and success!

Overcoming life’s changes always becoming the best I can be to leave my positive mark in this world!

I trust in you! I love you! Thank you! That's how it will be!

Try invoking your Guardian Angel now and then leave us a comment with your feelings!

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