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Game of The Law of Attraction to Attract Money

The game is called "Something exciting is about to happen to me!" and it uses the principles of The Law of Attraction and you can use it to ATTRACT MONEY.

Choose something very exciting is going to happen to you (if you want to attract something else), or choose an amount of money (if you want to attract money), remember to be specific, but you can't know where it's going to come from and you must expect it from an unexpected place (that sounds weird, right?).

You don't know what it is that's going to happen to you, or what you have to do to attract money, or exactly when it will turn up. But believe something really good is around the corner waiting for you. GET EXCITED about this opportunity until you feel butterflies in your stomach!

Every time the phone rings, feel that excitement and ask yourself, will it be this call? Every time you get an e-mail, will this be my surprise? When you wake up, feel curious, is today the day it will come to me?

This game is excellent to attract money. It works because since you don't know where it's going to come from, the doubts don't get in the way of the process of creation. This game helps you elevate your vibration, which is what you need to create the things you want in your life.

If you get yourself in the position of feeling really well, you can only attract wonderful things to you.
You can also write it on your bathroom mirror, or post it on your computer, or if you want to add more energy to it use it as your computer's screensaver. But it's all about you reading it constantly and feel that emotion! As if you had butterflies in your stomach.

Write down:

"Something wonderful is about to happen to me. It is around the corner waiting for me. I can feel it."
"Each day I'm getting better at attracting money."

Look forward to it during the day for the next few days. And when you get your SURPRISE or the Money Attraction, BE THANKFUL FOR IT!

And start the game all over. You'll do it better each time and it'll be easier to match the vibe of what you want.

Expect incredible results! This game works every time you do it, if you get in the vibe of waiting for the surprise.

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First Thing in the Morning (Attraction Technique)

The great wise man of the 18th century, Gaón de Vilna, suggested using this technique first thing in the morning.

Early morning thoughts have a special intensity-those dreaming moments while we're still in our beds, before we're completely awake.

If your first thought in the morning is to connect yourself with what you wish for-what you really wish for-you will get up with energy.

You will be focused and won't be strayed by distractions. And things will happen. A practical solution will come to your mind. People will call and say yes. The doors will open.

So, what's important to you? Which way is your arrow pointed? What were you thinking when you woke up this morning? What was your first wish of the day?

Anything that's really in your heart, the day will conspire to help you get it.

Sometimes life sends you a situation to prove the strength of your decision. For instance, if you've decided you won't get mad today, you might find yourself in a clearly tense situation. If you pass the test you'll be much stronger and more equipped to handle similar situations in the future. It's like a rocket leaving the atmosphere: it forcefully fights against the gravity, but later reaches the point when it gets to the space and the resistance is over.

The beginning of everything is the intense desire to do it. Dig deep into the root of what you want. You have a golden opportunity right now, everyday and every morning, to re-think what you want. If you take the time, even a few minutes to think about what you want, that can help you dig into the root of what you really want. And from that point, everything can start to flow.

Now tell us what you've thought of this technique.

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Decree: "My Wallet Fills up with Money!"


 It's recommended to read it out loud between 1 to 3 times a day, until you get the desired job.

To do it once a day is good, two is better and three is excellent.

The suggested time to decree are (in order of importance):
  • In the morning, after waking up.
  • At night, before going to bed.
  • In the afternoon, after taking a nap.
When you decree, it's important to emulate the greatest positive feeling possible. The greater the emotion, the bigger the power of attraction.

Suggestion: you can boost the exercise standing in front of a mirror and repeating the decrees looking in your eyes. You'll notice you'll feel the decrees different when you repeat them in front of a mirror. Work on eradicating the negative vibes as you boost the positive ones.

Decree: "My Wallet Fills up with Money!"

My wallet fills up with money!

Money is good!

Having a lot of money is fantastic!

With money, I can help a lot of people!

A lot of money means having freedom!

For me making money is real, easy and fun!

Making big amounts of money is easy for me!

I make money very easily!

I am a magnet to money!

I always have more money than I need!

I love making money!

I enjoy learning how to make money!

I enjoy learning how to manage my money!

I enjoy saving money!

I love learning how to invest my money!

Making money feels really, really good!

Making a lot of money is a priority in my life!

Making a lot of money is my destiny!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my financial prosperity!


What feeling vibrated in you as you were repeating this decree? Please, leave us a comment :)

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