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Interpretations of the Essence Numbers (Numerology Lesson 28)

Interpreting the Essence numbers can be a complex, intuitive process as it is not only just interpreting what each year might be like for the individual but also the length of the transits.

In the next newsletter we will go back to our fictional chart from the last newsletter about how to calculate the Essence Numbers to give you an idea of how they might be interpreted for a chart ... but for now, here are the base interpretations that you need to familiarize yourself with.

Essence Number 1
The Essence of the number 1 signals a time of initiation, birth and rebirth. It is generally a healthy exciting time when new ideas are developed and a general atmosphere of optimism prevails.

Essence #1 can also denote a period of growth that can lead to recognition, respect and fame. It can also denote a happy time in your career when you are finally making money doing something you love.

Of course there is no birth without labor and a one Essence period can denote a time of great change. However it is also a period of strength and stamina so you can handle anything that comes your way.

If this essence remains in effect for 3 years or more... it can indicate a tumultuous time in which their might be too many changes for a person to handle It can signify a series of dramatic changes that (for better or worse) keep the person hopping. Whatever the event or change is, its' impact is felt for years.

It is also a period of time when you can expect a great deal of assistance and nurturing from others.

Essence Number 2
The Essence of number 2 is a time of consolidation and organization. It is also a period of growth but it may also contain setbacks.

Usually during this Essence period people are very focused on their relationships and making them work. Teamwork is also a focus of this aspect and it is not very likely you will get very far in life without the cooperation of other people.

Energy and vitality are often low during this cycle and you may need to be nurtured or mentored by others. The Two cycle is also associated with frustrations, obstacles, delays and setbacks that are all part of a larger, often spiritual learning curve.

If this essence remains in effect for 3 years or more... you may experience a period of nervous or psychological difficulties due to the frustrations and tensions this period brings.

Essence Number 3
The Essence of the number 3 denotes a joyous and gratifying period in life. Friends both old and new may be the focus of your life. It can also indicate a time when you find a love or have an old love renewed.

Adventures, travels and the opportunity to expand your horizons in every aspect of your life also characterize this period. Its' emphasis is on good times and successful ventures.

An Essence 3 number is also associated with fame and recognition for artists and performers of every kind. It is a good time for creativity and entrepreneurship.

If this period extends for 3 years or more it indicates a turning point for a creative individual in which they become very famous.

Essence Number 4
This cycle indicates a more serious or sober time. It is a time of organization and discipline. Struggles with financial, health and career matters are indicated.

Usually an Essence 4 period is not that fun as nothing seems to fall in your lap and you have to earn every penny you make. It is a time that requires a practical, rational outlook on life. Things build slowly and although success is possible it does not come easily.

This period is also identified with limitations or restrictions that could occur in an area of your life. Often these health, financial or relationship setbacks serve to make you stronger and build your character.

If this essence is in effect for 3 years or more life might feel like an endless struggle. However at the end of this type of cycle usually lies a major personal triumph or career accomplishment.

Essence Number 5
This Essence number indicates a period of time when you may experience more independence and freedom. You may find yourself single at this time and life may seem like an endless number of adventures.

Travel or a change of residence is also indicated by an Essence 5 period. The influence also stresses changes, opportunities and rapidly changing circumstances that require constant flexibility.

One drawback of this period is loneliness and another is a tendency to scatter your interests in so many directions that you don't accomplish anything at all.

If an Essence 5 period lasts for 3 or more years it can reflect a period of financial or mental instability or having to constantly relocate or be "on the run" because of circumstances you can't control.

Essence Number 6
This denotes a very cozy and domestic period of time when home and the family will be the main focus. It can also indicate marriage or starting a family.

This is a very dutiful, civic-minded influence and during a Number 6 period people are more likely to devote themselves to good causes to do with improving their community.

This influence can also mean assuming extra responsibility for elderly relatives or cousins or dealing with a family member's health problems.

If an Essence 6 period extends for three years or longer then it might indicate a period during which you are completely at the mercy of a family member's problems. It might also mean having a lot of children in a short period of time. It can also indicate the giving up one's ambition to support a family, adoption and foster care.

Essence Number 7
This period denotes a time of introversion or self-imposed isolation. You may not feel like connecting to other people much. Your focus may only be on your own self-growth, hobbies and interests.

A Number 7 Essence period can also indicate a retreat in order to try and heal oneself psychological or emotionally. It is a good period to embark on therapy.

The period can also indicate an intense period of learning or study or a period when a focus on one's education does not leave much time for anything else.

If the Number 7 Essence is in effect for 3 years or more it can indicate that a traumatic event has turned you away from society. Mental illness is a possibility as is incarceration. It can also indicate a person not in touch with reality.

Essence Number 8
This is a lucky time in which it is very easy for you to get ahead financially. Usually people acquire a lot of valuable material things during this period.

The Number 8 Essence denotes a time when your professional reputation and credibility is enhanced. It is easily to build a business or career and many come to respect you as an expert or a pillar of the community.

It is a period during which you are likely to meet a lot of people who can help you with your career. The drawback is that you are so busy that you might not have much time for family, romance or health.

If the Essence 8 period lasts more than three years ...periods of 8 Essence exceeding 3 years it can mean a period where you achieve wealth, fame, power and status to an extreme degree.

Essence Number 9
This can designate a period in your life when you are very much ruled by your emotions. Many people either meet or break up with a soul mate during this influence.

The Essence Number 9 also denotes a period where you may experience many endings and upsetting changes. Things that used to interest you may become dull and your tastes and hobbies may change.

This period can also describe a time of soul searching and a devotion to religious or philanthropic causes.

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If the Number 9 Essence period lasts for more than 3 years it can denote a non-stop catastrophic love affair or being deluded by a cultist religious beliefs.

For the Essences of the number 11 and 22, refer to 2 and 4 respectively. However, the 11 Essence has a very strong spiritual overtone about it, while the 22 Essence may signal a time of significant achievement or fame.

In the next newsletter we will take these observations and apply them to the chart of the fictional Sue Ann Dunn that you were introduced to in an earlier newsletter so you can see how an intuitive reading of the Essences Numbers might be done.

Until next time...

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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