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Program of 42 days of Treatment for Prosperity

We invite you to do this Program of Prosperity, based on the book "Muñeca Geigel, you can have it all". You will get to create for yourself a new consciousness of merit and prosperity. You will open yourself to the great Universal Mind and will receive, in every area of your life and in every aspect of your Being, the Divine Abundance.

This Program of Prosperity is not meant for the Universe (or God, or however you call the Superior Intelligence) to send or provide something for us. We have been given everything already, but our mental blocks and patterns prevent us from getting these "gifts". We are used to believe, conscious or unconsciously, that we don't deserve certain things, and that way we're closing the doors on the universal help, which provides us everything.

This program is for securing Prosperity in every aspect and unblock the mental/emotional channels
so it reveals itself.

Enjoy it and share it!

When should I start the program?

You can start whenever you want, but the ideal moment is during the New Moon. The Moon has influence in our energy and affects our activities.

The energy of the Moon increases from the New Moon to the Full Moon, and then it begins to decrease. As the Moon grows bigger, our energetic system is harmonized and the energy flows better.

Click here to see the Lunar Calendar.


1- Buy a new notebook and a green ink pen. On the cover put a label that reads "MY PROSPERITY TREATMENT OF 42 DAYS".

2- Set a date to start the program. Mark 42 days on your calendar and establish the day you start and the day you finish.

3- Everyday (and preferably at the same time), you must write down in your notebook the decrees and statements corresponding to the day. On the dotted line put your name or what corresponds.

4- If one day you can't do it, do it the next day alongside the one corresponding to that date. If you don't do it for two or more days, you'll have to start all over.

5- When you do it you can light a green candle.

6- Try to respect this moment, without noise and interruptions.

7- Read the decrees out loud and, if possible, in front of the mirror. This will impregnate even more on your subconscious.

8- Share this treatment with everyone you think will do it and respect it.


You will notice we get to the 12th day here. Starting from the 13th day, the statements and decrees must be repeated using the decree from 10 days before.

Meaning, on the 13th day you have to repeat the same from the 3rd day, the same with the 23rd and 33rd days. On the 14th day you must repeat the same from the 4th day, just like with the 24th and 34th days. And so on.

Therefore: 3 = 13, 23 and 33; 4 = 14, 24 and 34; 5 = 15, 25 and 35; 6 = 16, 26 and 36; 7 = 17, 27 and 37; 8 = 18, 28 and 38; 9 = 19, 29 and 39; 10 = 20, 30 and 40; 11 = 21, 31 and 41; 12 = 22, 32 and 42.

Lets begin!

Decrees and statements day by day.

(Click on each day to access the corresponding decrees and statements.)

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sindy said...

Help me

Yogi said...

Anything written by own will turnout out to be true, writing down your dreams is manifestation and maximum time it has proved that it comes to the reality..

Unknown said...

Day 40!!

Anonymous said...

I'll let you go now that you have been made to be used for this purpose of hurting the one who knows how much you love me

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