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50 Affirmations for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy and Harmonious Labor

The following are Positive Affirmations and Decrees for a healthy and happy pregnancy and harmonious labor. Enjoy them!

We invite you to read all the affirmations out loud and choose 10. Your choice should be based on how the affirmations resonate with you.

The important thing is that they vibrate positively and do not generate negative thoughts or feelings when mentioned.

With this selection, you will work daily for a minimum of 21 days, although we recommend continuing the practice until delivery, making corrections to the affirmations as needed as you progress.

In a notebook, write the 10 affirmations at least once a day and at most 3 times. The suggested times to do this exercise are (in order of importance):

  • In the morning after waking up.
  • At night before going to bed.
  • At noon before or after taking a nap or meditating.

If you pronounce them out loud when writing them, even better. If you also repeat them while looking at yourself in front of a mirror, even better.

Adapt the program to your availability and abilities, and above all, enjoy it!


  1. My pregnancy is a high-security pregnancy.
  2. My pregnancy is a blessing.
  3. Our baby is perfectly healthy.
  4. I let myself go with the rhythm of contractions.
  5. I place the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth in the hands of the Universe.
  6. My body easily adapts to the changes of pregnancy.
  7. My skin stretches with total elasticity during pregnancy, thus preserving all its beauty.
  8. All my nights are peaceful and harmonious.
  9. My body recovers easily after childbirth.
  10. Our baby is a blessing.
  11. My childbirth is a blessing.
  12. My uterus is a safe place.
  13. I open myself to receive all the love flowing toward me for my maternity.
  14. I am happy to nourish and protect my baby.
  15. My baby loves me unconditionally.
  16. I unconditionally love my baby.
  17. I am a wonderful mother to my baby.
  18. I am blessed to bring new life into this world.
  19. Change is safe for me.
  20. I allow myself to go beyond my fears and limitations.
  21. The energy of birth is the energy of life.
  22. I give birth in the perfect place and at the perfect time.
  23. I give birth surrounded by the right people.
  24. The female body has the wisdom and natural ability to give birth.
  25. Contractions are waves of life energy.
  26. I joyfully prepare to welcome my baby in perfect harmony.
  27. I feel completely secure with all this life energy.
  28. I say YES to each contraction.
  29. I can do it.
  30. Giving birth is the most natural event in the world.
  31. Each contraction brings me closer to the moment of embracing my baby with my arms.
  32. I surrender to love and support.
  33. My body is safe.
  34. It is wonderful to touch and see my baby.
  35. Birth is safe.
  36. Birth is sacred.
  37. Birth is a joy.
  38. Birth brings life.
  39. Birth is natural.
  40. Nice to meet you.
  41. It is a pleasure to share our lives.
  42. Motherhood is joyful.
  43. I have a strong and important connection with my future baby.
  44. Having a baby will be the most beautiful experience of my life.
  45. My body knows how to give birth.
  46. I am strong and powerful.
  47. I am surrounded by people who value me.
  48. My baby is growing well.
  49. My baby and I are working together to prepare for childbirth.
  50. Thank you, thank you, thank you because my baby and I are in perfect health.

My pregnancy is a blessing.

Which of all the Decrees and Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy and Childbirth do you choose? Please leave us your comment :)"

Activation of Sacred Code 888

With the activation of Sacred Code 888, we can connect with the energies of forgiveness, strengthen our bond with God the Father, enhance protective energies, and make the connection with God Sobek.

Moreover, reciting this sacred code can help our loved ones, friends, or souls beyond "The Lakes of Purgatory."

Spiritual Meaning of Number 888

The spiritual meaning of the number 888 is based on power, character, well-directed ambition in the professional, academic, and work fields.

Directly related to success, prosperity, strength, creative problem resolution, and effective and efficient project development.

Setting realistic goals and objectives that align with a person's capabilities.

But most importantly, the number 888 symbolizes that all difficulties or conflicts will be resolved effectively and in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, every effort will be rewarded, so don't give up or get upset if things seem a bit more complicated than anticipated because success will not abandon you.

What is the Purpose of Numeric Sacred Code 888?

The sacred code 888 is used for forgiveness, which helps calm our heart, soul, and spirit. It also connects us with God the Father, who will bless us and provide his protective mantle.

Agesta uses this code to help loved ones, friends, or souls in "the Lakes of Purgatory."

The goal is for the souls of our loved ones to transcend to the next level. Similarly, Agesta uses this sacred code to connect with God Sobek.

Activation of Sacred Code 888

The sacred code 888 can be activated by reciting it in a comfortable, quiet place free from negative energies.

To do this, we should find a place in our home where we can sit comfortably and without distracting elements.

In this way, we can focus and channel all our energies into the request and recitation we are going to make.

To energetically cleanse the environment, it is recommended to burn a little white sage or rosemary.

These plants are extraordinary for eliminating negative energies, any larvae, or spiritual entities that may be stagnant in that place.

You can use different spiritual and energetic elements to enhance our recitation. You can choose which ones to use or not, keeping in mind that it doesn't matter if you decide not to use one or use them all.

They will only allow you to create a calmer, balanced environment with renewed positive energies.

Among the elements you can use are white or yellow candles, which must be consecrated with your request.

To do this, simply take the candle and rub it with your hands, asking the beings of light to offer their blessings in resolving our request.

You can even anoint it with essential oils such as acacia, angelica, carnation, lily, lotus, or verbena while conjuring it.

You can also enjoy the scents of jasmine, incense, lavender, rose, or myrrh by using them as essential oil in a burner or incense.

Another element to use can be stones; for this sacred code, agate, amethyst, celestite, green quartz, or rhodonite are perfect.

Once you have chosen the element(s) to use, you should place them in front of you. In the case of stones, you can hold them in your hands.

After cleaning the environment and placing the elements, take a deep, slow breath to relax the mind and body. If you wish, you can do a short meditation to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Continue with your request to the beings of light and the recitation of sacred code 888, remembering that it must be repeated 45 times consecutively with great conviction and faith for a minimum of 21 consecutive days.

You can conclude with a powerful prayer.

"I activate the Sacred Code 888 and am open to prosperity and spiritual connection."

When are you going to perform the Activation of Sacred Code 888? Please leave us your comment 🙂

Sciatic Pain Biodecoding

Sciatic pain represents insecurity and repressed resentment according to Biodecoding. Learn more in this comprehensive article!

Sciatica is also called sciatic neuritis or lumbosciatica. It is a painful condition located in the area that the sciatic nerve, the longest in the body, runs through.

This pain extends from the lumbar part of the spine to the foot, passing through the buttock, thigh, and leg.

In addition to the characteristic pain, sciatica can also present various symptoms, usually on one side of the body.

These symptoms may include numbness in the foot or leg, muscle weakness, reflex alteration, tingling sensation, and difficulty moving the leg normally.

Among the most common causes of sciatica is the compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve itself.

One of the most frequent triggers of sciatica is the presence of a vertebral disc herniation that presses on and alters the roots of the sciatic nerve.

This sciatica, caused by the pressure of a disc herniation, usually subsides when the tear in the disc and the inflammation cease.

At other times, sciatica is caused by the presence of tumors whose location affects the spinal cord or nerve roots.

Pregnancy is also frequently associated with sciatic pain. However, the vertebral compression of the additional weight of the fetus and postural changes can also lead to the onset of sciatica.

Another common cause of sciatica is vertebral compression caused by spinal stenosis. This means the narrowing of the spinal canal, either due to disc herniation or the appearance of bone spurs.

The Biodecoding of Sciatic Pain

It must be approached from an understanding of the biological sense and utility of the body parts where it most commonly manifests, namely the lumbar region and legs.

Those experiencing discomfort in the lower back (lumbar and sacrum) are immersed in situations and conflicts threatening their freedom.

Also, their ability to act and even their survival.

Sciatica expresses fear of facing changes. It usually occurs in people who feel secure managing their lives within the predictable.

Accustomed to scenarios that are familiar to them but lose their usual stability and security when significant changes or transcendental decisions are imminent.

If sciatica affects the L5 and S1 vertebrae, the conflict is related to collateral issues (siblings, partners, lovers, etc.)

Conversely, when the pain is located in the L4 and L5 vertebrae, conflicts related to norms are more common.

Also, with social rules that the person considers unfair and limiting to their life.

If the pain includes the legs, the conflict the person is experiencing affects their way of facing the future or advancing in life. Fear of facing the new life brings. Obstacles, fears, and doubts that symbolically paralyze when taking risks for changes, mainly in the family and work environment.

This condition often occurs in people with economic problems or fear of material scarcity (housing, food, money, etc.).

Another way of feeling uncertainty and distrust about the course of life. This fear of material lack can become distressing and cause anxiety.

The person questions their abilities and may fall into a spiral of insecurity and even resentment toward life.

If the affected leg is the right one, it may be a fear of lacking money or being unable to meet financial needs and commitments.

Conversely, when the affected leg is the left one, the person may feel anguish and helplessness.

This occurs due to a lack of sufficient material resources to help people in their environment going through needy situations.

Nuances about the hidden emotional conflict can be established by looking at which part of the nerve the pain is located.

When the pain is more intense in the buttock area, there is evidence of a fear of losing power.

Whether it be purely economic or of social position and prestige, i.e., conflicts usually in the professional field.

The underlying fear, ultimately, is the loss of identity. However, when the painful area is in the thigh or leg, there may be conflicts related to future projects.

Sciatica in the thigh or leg shows that the person faces, feels, and suffers situations with insecurity.

It can also express that some support or collaboration we expected has not arrived, and we feel disappointed and betrayed.

Frequently, this ailment expresses repressed anger, aggressiveness, and resentment against someone or something we refuse to submit to.

At other times, sciatica affects people who take on more burdens and responsibilities than they can bear.

People incapable of saying no to anything or anyone because they need to feel the affection and recognition of others. Therefore, people with low self-esteem.

Sciatica can also be caused by emotional conflicts of a sexual nature.

Especially non-normative sexuality, such as excessive age difference in a couple or incestuous relationships.

In these cases, there are often transgenerational memories of sexual conflicts that occurred in the three or four previous generations of the family clan.

Those seeking therapy for the biodecoding of sciatic pain must be willing to embark on a journey of discovery.

To become aware of which situations described are or have recently been disrupting the normal development of their lives.

What events are undermining their confidence or reducing their security? They must exercise honesty to admit what events generate fear or uncertainty.

They must accept that it is not possible to be perfect all the time, granting themselves the right to feel powerless in certain situations without feeling guilty about it.

In short, learn to express their sorrows, doubts, and fears. It is necessary to pay attention to their inner dialogue to regain control of their lives, vent, and free themselves from unnecessary ties.

Thus, they will be on the right path to permanently deactivate the emotional conflicts that have been feeding their sciatica. And make this condition become just a bad memory.

"My body is a source of harmony and well-being."

What have you discovered about the Biodecoding of Sciatic Pain? Please leave your comment 🙂

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