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The Shadow Sides of Each Number (Numerology Lesson 32)

Usually when you use numerology to look at relationships, you look at two different types of numbers.

First you look at the Life Path number (the sum of the numbers in your birthdate reduced to a single digit) and then you also look at the Destiny number (which is based on the sum of the letter values in your first name.) Sometimes a matching soul urge number can also reveal a lot about a potential soul mate.

No matter what aspect of the self they are portraying, the numbers in themselves have both negative and positive traits. Often if you pay for a reading, the numerologist will spend a lot of time telling you the flattering aspects of each of these numbers (1 is a fantastic leader! - 2 means a good marriage! - 3 means fame! Etc.)

However each number is symbolic of just as many negative traits as positive ones. These negative traits can be described as being the shadow side of the Life Path Number Personality.

If you really want to get to know someone, then also consider the following when examining their numbers, as even the greatest of human beings is not perfect. The following is a description of some of the negative personality traits that can be associated with each number in terms of Life Path, Destiny Number, Soul Urge (the vowels) and the Personality Number (the consonants.)

Please don't be offended by the following, since we are talking about tendencies here, not absolutes!

Shadow Sides of...

Number 1 Life Path - The person is too self-directed and busy to maintain a relationship.

Number 1 Destiny - The person simply is fated not to have a family or be part of a relationship.

Number 1 Soul Urge - The person subconsciously just does not want a relationship as it takes focus away from him or herself and will sabotage it every time.

Number 1 Personality - The person lacks the ability to recognize the needs of anyone else but "number 1"

Shadow Sides of...

Number 2 Life Path - The person presents him or herself as a lively or vibrant individual but the reality is that the purpose of the relationship is for breeding.

Number 2 Destiny - The person is fated to be a parent and much of his or her life will only be devoted to that.

Number 2 Soul Urge - The person does not feel complete without a second person in his or her life and suffers from obsession and codependency.

Number 2 Personality - This type might be jealous and one track minded - unable to focus on anything but a partner.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 3 Life Path - The person is married to a showbiz career and not available emotionally.

Number 3 Destiny - The person is destined to never marry.

Number 3 Soul Urge - The person is bored quickly by monogamy and will sabotage relationships by being unfaithful.

Number 3 Personality - The person expects a partner to play second fiddle to all of his or her creative projects and ambitions. In other words, the 3 Personality number is looking for a love slave, not a mate.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 4 Life Path - The person is sometimes not destined to be very wealthy, healthy or happy.

Number 4 Life Destiny - Being with this person will be like being trapped on a miserable treadmill or in a maze full of problems with no way out.

Number 4 Soul Urge - This person sabotages relationships in a subconscious attempt to correct karma from another life.

Number 4 Personality - Usually a negative individual who "cools" situations by refusing to think positively and by attaching anxiety to them.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 5 Life Path - The person will be traveling a lot in his or her life and unable to put down roots.

Number 5 Destiny - The person will either be physically or emotionally unable to put down roots or connect to another human being for the purposes of raising a family.

Number 5 Soul Urge - The person will always be in love with his or her personal freedom and independence then they ever will with
another person.

Number 5 Personality - The person finds it difficult to focus, concentrate or hold down a job.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 6 Life Path - The person is destined only to have babies or take care of the family.

Number 6 Destiny - The person is unlikely to ever escape a dominating parent or the influence of the family.

Number 6 Soul Urge - The person will be too fearful to leave his or her family and start his or her own.

Number 6 Personality - The person is a Momma's Boy or Daddy's Girl that gives all of his or her attention to a parent.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 7 Life Path - The person is likely to suffer from a mental, physical or psychological disorder that prevents them from connecting to other people in a healthy way.

Number 7 Destiny - The individual is destined to be "married" to a project or great work rather than a person.

Number 7 Soul Urge - The sex and death urges in this person overpower other aspects of the personality causing self-destructive behavior and misery in relationships.

Number 7 Personality - The person does not have the social skills or emotional maturity to interact with others and can be obsessive, codependent or stubborn.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 8 Life Path - The person will love making money more then he or she will ever love a person.

Number 8 Destiny - The person is destined to be a great leader and not have much time for a personal relationship

Number 8 Soul Urge - The person may not be that interested in sex and more interested in cerebral and philanthropic matters

Number 8 Personality - The person is just not that interested in relationships or intimacy and may even see emotions as destructive to survival.

Shadow Sides of...

Number 9 Life Path - The person will be too flaky and self obsessed to maintain a relationship with another.

Number 9 Destiny - Always enacting situations that will bring bad karma to act itself out again, nothing but destructive relationships are possible for this number.

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Number 9 Soul Urge - The desperate need to connect or be appreciated by others often leads to codependency, violence, obsession and other problems in relationships.

Number 9 Personality - This personality is usually so busy soul-seeking or teaching others that they come off as very patronizing and sometimes as downright nuts. It can be very difficult for them to sustain a relationship or a job.

In next week's newsletter we will take a look at how to woo the different numbers when it comes to impressing them business-wise or romantically.

Until next time...

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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