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The Path Out Of Negativity (The Secret Scrolls)

Did you know that if your life was not changing, you would not exist?

Our Universe and everything in it is continually changing, because our Universe is made of energy. Energy can only exist if it is in motion and changing. If energy stopped being in motion, our entire Universe and all Life would vanish. Our lives are also energy, and therefore they too must always be in motion and continue to change. You cannot stop the motion and change in your life, and nor would you want to. The changing nature of energy gives us Life. It causes Life to grow and causes us to grow.

And yet when there is a big change of energy which affects our lives, we often label it as bad, and cause ourselves sorrow, pain, and suffering by resisting the change. But you always have a choice. In the Universe there is never just one way. You are never trapped with no way out, no matter what has occurred. There are two paths available to you in every circumstance and moment in your life. The two paths are the positive and the negative, and YOU are the one who chooses which path you will take.

You have the power to transform negative change into positive, but you cannot do it by resisting the change. Resisting the change is focusing on the negative and it is choosing the negative path, which brings with it even more negativity, more pain, and misery.

To transform the negative into positive, you must choose the positive path and command that this changing energy transforms into millions of blessings that pour down on you and everyone involved. Command the changing energy to bring unlimited good and positivity. Know and believe in your heart that as you command it, it must be done.

And then the day will come in the not too distant future, when you will look back and see all the blessings that you brought into this world through you and change.

From Keith in the United States

PlusMy life collapsed in 2005. That was the year I fought in Iraq. That wasn't my only war that year though. My relationship with my wife was on the rocks and my spiritual and family life was suffering.

I returned to the USA the beginning of 2006, to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and my wife handing my divorce paper. I lost everything: My membership in my church, my wife, my kids, the respect of my family. Along with all this I lost my mind. I lived in poverty in a nowhere town in Utah.

Thanks to a good therapist who wedged his way into my life, I began to see how far I had fallen, and accepted a copy of "The Secret". It impacted me greatly. I began applying its principles immediately.

It's now been 2 years, and no-one would ever guess I was the distraught recluse that returned from the war. I found and married the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. I live in a 1.4 million dollar home, am active in my church, and my family are my best friends. I now coach others that suffer from PTSD and other traumas found in veterans. I am an avid Feng Shui Practitioner and Alternative Healer. I do what I love and I love what I do.

It brings me to tears sometimes... the changes that occur in a human's life. People are fluid and like the ocean they change... THEY CHANGE!

I Love You,


. . .

Which path are you choosing?

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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