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Notes From The Universe, by Mike Dooley

The primary purpose of TUT is to provide you with a reminder service of life's everyday magic, how powerful you are, and how far you can reach. It's easy to lose sight of these truths, particularly living in a world that wants to insist that we are limited, aging creatures, stuck somewhere between luck and fate. A life properly lived is an easy life; it's not supposed to be hard, though we can make it that way with limited thinking, low expectations, or failing to see ourselves as we really are: infinite Beings of Light, fun loving gladiators of the Universe, adventurers just being human, with eternity before us and the power of our thoughts to shape it!

We didn't want a chance like this to go by without reminding you of how awesome you are! Without you, space, time, and everywhere ever thought of would be far less. 

  1. Perception / The Easy and Quick Way / Making Money
  2. A Different Day / Think It / Good and Bad News
  3. Moths and Butterflies / The Turtle and the Rabbit / Look Into the Mirror
  4. Dream It! / Emotional Antennas / The Origin
  5. Freedom from the Past / The Answer / Your Gifts
  6. The Scariest Thing / Don't Let It Happen To You / The Most Important Thing
  7. Agenda / Envy Cured / The Fastest Way to Change Everything
  8. Miss the Drama / Without You / Zillionaire
  9. Not Seeing All / Great Job / Reset Button
  10. Lovely Words / Beat the System / Time and Space
  11. Adss to the Joy / Visualizing / An Even Better Idea
  12. Rich / The Best / Dreams
  13. Covers for Miracles / Might Have Been / Massive Action
  14. Give Yourself Credit / What if your dreams are now reality? / Being Provided
  15. Nothing is Random / Your Greatness / Getting Closer
  16. Souls Use Pain / If You Only Knew... / Let's Slide Forward in Time
  17. Another Day in Paradise / Unforgettable / The Only One
  18. Spiritual Adventures / Top 10 from the Other Side / What do they bring to mind?
  19. Souls / All for You
  20. Your Way / Receiving More / Laugh
  21. Don't Be Scared / Wishes / The Unknown
  22. Strangers / How Exited? / Replace Evil
  23. It's Possible / Wrong, Right and Better / Perfectly OK
  24. Crazy Times / Perspective / You're the Universe
  25. Old Soul / Generosity / Enjoy!
  26. Responsibility / Hall of Mirrors / Well Done!
  27. Happily / Let it Go / Use Your Fear
  28. Jigsaw Puzzle / Correcting / Miracles
  29. New Notes From The Universe Coming Soon!

Yours in the adventure,

Mike Dooley and The TUT Team

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