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What Your Day of The Month Number Reveals (Numerology Lesson 10)

The Day of the Month number is also sometimes referred to as the Personality or Character number. This number is strongly associated with the Life Path number, which if you will recall is calculated from your date of birth.

As this number reveals your personality traits and characteristic behaviors it can mitigate negative aspects of your life path number or enhance them.

For instance if you are a number one Life Path Number with a Number 1 Birth Date number you might be a little too much for others to take at times as you would be especially arrogant or self centered. However if you were a Life Path One with a Birth Date number of Nine your arrogance may somewhat be tempered by the humble, self sacrificing nature of number nines.

To calculate this number, simply take the digit that refers to the day you were born. For instance I was born was June 7, 1960. My Day of the Month number is 7.

Here is a list of the dominant personality traits that are revealed by your birth date number.

Positive Traits: determination, self-confidence, will power, dignity, and originality
Negative Traits: stubbornness, willfulness, over-sensitivity, arrogance, lack of foresight

Positive Traits: empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, loving, understanding
Negative Traits: insecurity, nervous, self-conscious, needy, moody

Positive Traits: adaptable, resilient, charismatic, communicative, persuasive
Negative Traits: cynicism, irresponsibility, superficiality, overbearing, promiscuity

Positive Traits: organized, perceptive, disciplined, balanced, just
Negative Traits: obsessive, compulsive, tyrannical, demanding, incommunicative

Positive Traits: cooperative, versatile, curious, clever, and analytical
Negative Traits: flippancy, sarcastic, restless, irresponsibility, passive-aggressive

Positive Traits: kind, generous, honest, trustworthy, responsible
Negative Traits: manipulative, a gossip, presumptive, codependency, controlling

Positive Traits: intelligent, ethical, analytical, photographic memory, intuitive
Negative Traits: overly introverted, eccentric, uncommunicative, selfishness, cynicism

Positive Traits: pragmatism, optimism, idealism, stamina, good judgement
Negative Traits: greed, obsessive, careless, controlling, thoughtless

Positive traits: tolerant, compassionate, idealistic, sensitive, sympathetic
Negative Traits: bad judgement, immorality, delusional, arrogance, bitterness

Positive Traits: proactive, positive attitude, energetic, ability, originality
Negative Traits: hasty, sloppy, bossy, ingratitude, overbearing

Positive Traits: imaginative, idealistic, persuasive, spiritual, intuitive
Negative Traits: procrastination, sloth, sarcastic, laziness, temperamental

Positive Traits: energetic, enthusiastic, generous, charismatic, visionary
Negative Traits: selfishness, unfocused, impracticality, irresponsibility, fanatical

Positive Traits: sincerity, honesty, determination, stamina, detailed
Negative Traits: workaholic, repression, resentful, intolerance, compulsive

Positive Traits: cooperative, versatile, organized, analytical, curious
Negative Traits: impatience, restlessness, rebellious, irresponsible, breaking promises

Positive Traits: nurturing, domestic, understanding, artistic, and generous
Negative Traits: codependency, resistance to change, stubborn, manipulative, needy

Positive Traits: technically brilliant, innovative, creative, analytical, original
Negative Traits: emotional repression, misanthropy, irrational, cynicism, coldness

Positive Traits: optimistic, organized, pragmatic, shrewd, good business sense
Negative Traits: lack of follow through, shallow, self-conscious, materialistic, greedy

Positive Traits: creative, humanitarian, philanthropic, generous, broad-minded
Negative Traits: drama queen, codependency, martyr complex, fickle, low-self-esteem

Positive Traits: leadership, self-confidence, charisma, vitality, and enthusiasm
Negative Traits: arrogance, selfishness, over-confidence, flippancy, rebellious

Positive Traits: humorous, sympathetic, charming, affectionate, imaginative
Negative Traits: sarcasm, self-pity, critical, unrealistic, irrational expectation

Positive Traits: versatile, energetic, easygoing, charismatic, good conversationalist
Negative Traits: scattered focus, restlessness, overly sensitive, glib, unreliability

Positive Traits: idealism, pragmatism, creativity, ingenuity, and intuition
Negative Traits: rigidity, nervousness, workaholic, stubborn, fanatical

Positive Traits: charm, wit, charisma, inquisitiveness, persuasive
Negative Traits: restlessness, impatience, easily bored, shallow, disloyalty

Positive Traits: diplomacy, team-player, affection, just, loving
Negative Traits: self-pity, obsessive, workaholic, smothering, fearful

Positive Traits: logical, intuitive, rational, responsible, perfectionist
Negative traits: inflexibility, paranoia, introversion, misanthropy, obsessive

Positive Traits: sociable, cooperative, charming, efficient, ambitious
Negative Traits: manipulative, shallow, materialistic, greedy, exaggerates things

Positive Traits: humanistic, philosophical, broadminded, tolerant, and generous
Negative traits: nervous, linear thinker easily frustrated, stubborn, fanatical

Positive Traits: a leader, will power, self-confidence, originality, and stamina
Negative Traits: cold, unfeeling, workaholic, domineering, obsessive

Positive Traits: idealistic, creative, intuitive, analytic, a "people person"
Negative Traits: lack of follow through, pessimism, self- indulgent, unrealistic, impractical.

Positive Traits: charisma, wit, mimicry, writing ability, expressiveness
Negative Traits: self-centered, drama queen, lack of focus, dreaminess, laziness

Positive Traits: energetic, dependable, reliable, perceptive, detail oriented
Negative Traits: unimaginative, overly serious, over-sensitivity, insecurity, compulsive

In the next edition of this newsletter we are going to explain how you can use numerology to learn more about the most important life path periods in your life and how you can use an understanding of this to determine your Personal Year number.

Until then ...

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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