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Calculating Your Life Cycle (Bridge) Number (Numerology Lesson 13)

In numerology, the human life path is actually divided into three major cycles that are divided by 28 years. Exactly when you will be changing from one life cycle to the next is dependent on your life path number. Your life path number is added to 28, to determine when the change occurs. Don't fret about this too much now as the example below explains the calculation more fully!

Early Life Cycle - any time from age 25 to 35
Middle Life Cycle - any time from age 26 to 61
Later Life Cycle- from 58 to death

These major life cycles can each be assigned their own number and interpretation in numerology to give an overview of the major influences that will dominate your life during any one of these 28-year periods!

This type of calculation is a little more complicated than usual because the time at which you will encounter these changes is all based on calculating your Life Path number. The age at which you make the transit from one cycle to the next is subtly determined by this so your next step is to refer to (or calculate) your Life Path Number.

The first thing we want to do is figure out the timing of these cycles. Let's use the celebrity O.J. Simpson as an example. O.J. Simpson was born July 9, 1947.

First we will calculate his Life Path number, which if you will recall is the reduction of the birthday to a single number.

Simpson's Life path number is 7+9+(1+9+4+7) = 7+9+21 = 37

3 + 7 = 10, and 1+0 = 1

Like many celebrities his Life Path number is a 1.

Add 28 years to that Life Path Number (1) and you determine the age around which Simpson makes his transition to his next life cycle. In Simpson's case it is 29.

His Middle Life cycle would span through the next 29 years (28+1) marking his entrance into his later life cycle at age 58.

Now for determining the numbers that rule each of your cycles.

Your Early Cycle is your month of birth. In the example of July 9, 1947 (Simpson's case), numerologically July is reduced to 7.

Your Mid Life Cycle is your day of birth reduced to a single-digit or until a Master number is encountered. In Simpson's case the number is 9.

Your Late Life Cycle is your year of birth reduced to a single-digit or until a Master number is encountered. In our example, 1947 reduces to 21. (2+1 =3) Simpson's late life cycle is a 3.

The years you make your transition from one Life Cycle to the next, are always extremely important and quite often represent significant milestones in your life. As mentioned above, you can determine the year that these transitions will happen by adding your Life Path number to 28 years. Simpson's first life cycle ends at age 29 (28+1). His later life cycle will occur another 29 years after that when he turns age 58.

Just to be clear here is an example with a different date:

Your First Period Cycle is your month of birth. In the example of October 12, 1936, the 10 for October is reduced to 1.

Please note that if the number adds up to Master number 11 or 22 that you do not reduce them in the last part of the calculation.

Simpson's early Life Cycle number is 7. This is the mark of a loner and an eccentric who may be somewhat divorced from is emotions. It is also a marker of extreme intelligence, even brilliance. However emotionally, it may have been very difficult for him to relate to other people. Usually sevens tend to live in their own little world. This number suggests that O.J. had a very difficult, even traumatic childhood. Frustration and deprivation may have created a competitive individual who may have never matured emotionally.

In the next installment of this newsletter we are going to give you the interpretations for all of the Early Life numbers including numbers one through 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22!

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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