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Miss the Drama

What if I told you that your every conflict, disappointment, struggle or challenge, with others or yourself, was merely a manifestation of what's going on within your own thinking... would you go there first to fix, mend, and allay?

Yeah, you might miss the drama.

Without You

I hope you know how important you are in contributing to the "all things are exactly as they should be" concept, on this very day.

Because without you, they wouldn't be.

Big hug!


Don't get me wrong, I'm an absolute zillionaire many times over, and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom it gives me.

Yet I can't help but notice that for many, if they spent less time gainfully seeking opportunities for abundance that might one day pan out, and more time doing what they already know, with what they already have, from where they already are, they'd have a lot more of the stuff.

Of course, the best barometer of any pursuit's likely windfall is happiness with its journey, which in every regard overrides what I first said.

Acres of diamonds, baby.

The Universe
Mike Dooley and The TUT Team

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