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Calculating the Pinnacle Numbers (Numerology Lesson 18)

Pinnacle numbers are another one of those calculations that are based on your life path number. A pinnacle is an experience occurring over a specific time in our life. Each person is thought to have four pinnacle periods and depending on the numerology each of these periods of life experience will have their own unique flavor or theme to them.

The First Pinnacle covers the early maturation years from roughly 0 years to 28-35, depending on your Life Path Number.

The Second Pinnacle covers what is normally for most people the child bearing or family raising years.

The Third Pinnacle covers middle age and growing maturity.

The Fourth Pinnacle covers the senior years.

The timing of pinnacles varies for each of the first nine Life Path numbers. Here is a chart for determining the timing of pinnacles keyed to your Life Path number:

The Pinnacles (age span for each of the 4 pinnacles)...

For this example we are using Martha Stewart who was born August 3, 1941.

Our first step would be to calculate her Life Path number. The Life Path number is calculated by reducing the birthday to a single digit. In her case, the calculation would look like this.

8 + 3 + (1+9+4+1) = 8+3 + 6 = 17

1+7 = 8

Martha Stewart's Life Path number is 8. From looking at the chart above we can see that her first life Pinnacle period lasted from birth to age 28, the second life period lasted from age 30 to 38, the third pinnacle period lasted from 38 to 46 and the fourth lasts from age 47 and beyond.

The First Pinnacle is defined by adding the month and day of birth. In her case 8 +3 = 11.

Note that master numbers are not reduced in any of these equations.

The Second Pinnacle is defined by adding the number that was arrived at by reducing your year of birth plus the day of birth. In Martha's case the equation is 3+6 = 9

The Third Pinnacle is arrived at by adding together the sum of the first and second pinnacle numbers. In Martha's case the equation is:

11 (First Pinnacle) + 9 (Second Pinnacle) = 20

2+0 = 2.

Martha Stewart's Third Pinnacle Number is 2.

The Fourth Pinnacle number is arrived at by adding the month and year of birth. In Martha's case the equation is: 8 + (1+9+4+1) = 8 + 6 = 14. This reduces to 1+4 =5.

Martha's Fourth Pinnacle year is 5.

From looking at this we can interpret Martha Stewart's four life pinnacles in the following way.

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Her First Life Pinnacle was dominated by the number 11. This of course is a master number and Martha Stewart probably spent her early years being the master of many different disciplines. It can also mean extreme sensitivity and being motivated by a desire to please parents.

Her Second Life Pinnacle is a number 9. This marked a period in Stewart's life where she made dramatic sweeping changes. It is a period that marked the beginning of her great success as well as the end of her marriage. The flavor of this era in her life would have been very emotional. Any move she made for better or worse would have been drastic.

Her Third Life Pinnacle number is 2, which is all about partnerships. This is the period in Stewart's life when she broke free with the help of her business partner and orchestrated massive deals with broadcasters and K-Mart.

Her Fourth Life Pinnacle number is 5. This is the period Stewart is in now. This means that her career is not likely to show any signs of slowing down and that she will likely be influential until very late her in life. It is also a karmic number that can indicate freedom from financial or domestic worries.

The next three newsletters will cover the numerous interpretations for all of the Pinnacle numbers. We will start with the interpretations of the First Pinnacle (early life) Pinnacle numbers in the next newsletter and will continue on with the interpretations of the Second, Third and Fourth Pinnacle Numbers in subsequent lessons.

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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