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Interpretations of the First Pinnacle of Life (Numerology Lesson 19)

In this lesson you will find the interpretations for your first pinnacle numbers.

Once again, to calculate your First Pinnacle number, which describes your developing years (from the mid twenties to the mid thirties depending on your Life Path number) you must add the month and day of birth and reduce it to a single digit.

Once again, here is your reference for finding out when the First Pinnacle Period will occur in your life. Note that to find the timing you also need to calculate your Life Path number.

Here are the interpretations for the 1st Pinnacle Numbers

In general the influence of the number 1 pinnacle is about your need for creating an identity that is separate from your parents and uniquely your own. It represents the desire to express one's achievements and set down the foundations for achievement later in life.

First Pinnacle 1
You are a born leader. Most of your youth was likely spent on learning leadership skills and experimenting in social situations to see how you could get on top of them. Challenges you may have faced in this period may have included overcoming stubbornness and selfishness.

First Pinnacle 2
This influence creates a very sensitive and imaginative individual. You may have felt understood as a child and the scars you bear from being hurt are probably carried over into childhood. People with this influence like to stick close to home and are very influenced by their mother or heritage.

First Pinnacle 3
This creates a very imaginative, creative individual who may be a bit too "out there" for others to handle in their early years. Unless you were specifically guided to develop your artistic and creative potential you may not have benefited from your own latent talents during this period. Others may simply perceive you as irresponsible.

First Pinnacle 4
You may have been born into poverty or demanding circumstances. For one reason or another you may have spent much of your childhood working. The good news is that despite your lack of freedom, you will usually have achieved a lot during this formative period. This can also indicate an individual pursuing a heavy academic career.

First Pinnacle 5
This number indicates that it might have been very difficult for you to develop any firm foundations or roots as a child. Your family may have moved a lot or you may have been a foster child or adopted. This restlessness may have resulted in a lack of focused direction in your twenties and thirties.

First Pinnacle 6
You may have found it hard to let go of the apron strings. It is likely that the immediate members of the family hampered your freedom by relying on you too heavily for financial or emotional support. This pinnacle number can also indicate an early or arranged marriage.

First Pinnacle 7
You were a brilliant child that was probably very misunderstood by others. The difficulties that you encountered socially as a child have probably lead to misunderstandings in adult life. Unable to connect very well to others emotionally, you may prefer to retreat to a world of your own.

First Pinnacle 8
This is the mark of someone who may have been born into an affluent family. If not you may have demonstrated an early talent for commerce or business that led you to be quite well off before the age of 30. This number is so practical that you may have faced the "real world" by going into business instead of getting an education.

First Pinnacle 9
You have a lot of convictions and principles that may have been expressed at an early age by fighting off bullies and standing up for the underdog. You are giving and altruistic in nature, to the point that it might be difficult for you to maintain a job or pursue a money making venture. You are very ethical and wise from a young age.

First Pinnacle 11
You are born with a great deal of imagination, intelligence and energy. The problem is that it is hard for a young person to handle the intensity of being this number. You are friendly, cooperative and are very distressed by a lack of harmony. Chances are that you discover psychic talents before the age of 30.

First Pinnacle 22
You were probably born into some privilege and if not, managed somehow to build something great that you can call your own before the age of 30. As you are such an intense and intelligent individual, your talents may have been unnoticed when you were a child and your natural brilliance may have been mistaken for waywardness.

Next week's newsletter will take you through the interpretations for the Second pinnacle of life.

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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