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Interpretations of the Fourth Pinnacle of Life (Numerology Lesson 22)

In this lesson you will find the interpretations for your Fourth (and final) Pinnacle number which covers the years from ages 40 and beyond (depending of course what your Life Path Number is!)

Once again to calculate your Fourth Pinnacle number, which describes your later, senior years you must first calculate your Life Path Number by adding the year of birth plus the day of birth and reduce it to a single digit. Don't reduce this down to a master number if the result is a master number 11 or 22.

Below is your reference for finding out when the Fourth Pinnacle Period will occur in your case. Note that to find the timing you also need to calculate your Life Path number. Remember too that this period is shorter for some numbers and longer for others.

The Pinnacles (age span for each of the 4 pinnacles)...

Fourth Pinnacle 1
There will be no slowing down for you! Individuals with a number one Fourth pinnacle are not only reluctant to slow down they may even develop a second career. Unfortunately nervous problems and oversensitivity can characterize this number which needs a great deal of approval and recognition in order to maintain mental health. Your success in later years will also depend a great deal on your initiative and abilities to make others believe in your goals.

Fourth Pinnacle 2
If you have this as your Fourth pinnacle number you are very fortunate as not only are you likely to round out the end of your life with a long-term partner you will also experience some freedom from financial worries. One problem may be a tendency to live in the past and a tendency to force your children to live up to unrealistic expectations. It is not likely you will be working in your old age unless it is on an artistic project or favorite hobby.

Fourth Pinnacle 3
The promise of this Fourth Pinnacle Number is complete financial freedom. Most threes are prosperous until a very old age. Many of them choose to work professionally at a career simply because they love their careers. If this is your Fourth Pinnacle number it is also likely you will do a lot of travelling in your senior years or at the very least, settling down in an exotic locale that provides plenty of social activity and entertainment. It will be a cardinal sin for you to be bored!

Fourth Pinnacle 4
This is one of the harder numbers to have as your Fourth Pinnacle as it signifies economic hardship in the later years. This may prevent you from retiring at all. Sometimes the hardship comes in the form of having to care for an ailing member of the family or a very large family. World events or other factors may also convince you that you must keep working "just in case" you are poor. The upside is that most senior pinnacle 4s enjoy working because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Fourth Pinnacle 5
If you are a Fourth Pinnacle 5 you can expect your retirement years to be lively and full of change. You may work for periods on and off or find yourself embarking on many long adventures, both for recreational and work purposes. Your finances may be up and down but the constant change will keep you busy and reveling in the company of many friends. You are also likely to have many different interests and hobbies as well as belong to many associations.

Fourth Pinnacle 6
People with a Fourth Pinnacle 6 are often blessed with a very comfortable retirement or even early retirement. The love and support of an extended family is likely to keep you happy and fulfilled until the end of your life. Your children and grandchildren will be most important to you (and so will be any family pets!) You are so nurturing and will have so much to give that it would not be surprising to see you out in the community participating in charities and being philanthropic.

Fourth Pinnacle 7
If you are a Fourth Pinnacle 7 you are likely to retreat from society, perhaps having decided that "hell is other people." You are voted most likely to hide in a remote mountain location or on a far off paradise Island. During this time you may feel finally like you have grown into your skin and like you can pick and choose your companions. Both poverty and extreme riches are possible with this number depending on how "grounded" you are in the real world. You may develop an interest in academics, philosophy or metaphysics that becomes a sweeping preoccupation.

Fourth Pinnacle 8
You will be rich enough to retire but the pressures of being identified as a pillar of the community may keep you in business or in the public eye well beyond the usual retirement years. You may also be so good at making money that you may feel it is your duty to continue orchestrating the systems that help keep civilization alive. It is likely you will have a lot of dependents and that a great deal of your money will also be donated to the public interest - especially charities and academic and artistic organizations.

Fourth Pinnacle 9
Money may not matter to you much in your later years and chances are that you will devote yourself tirelessly to some kind of cause. This could be working for charities or the church or practicing some kind of writing or metaphysical career. You will also very much be a teacher and mentor to those younger than you and your greatest rewards will come from stewarding people towards happiness and enlightenment.

Fourth Pinnacle 11
Your latter years will be spent as both a seeker and a teacher of enlightenment and knowledge. You may be a practitioner of alternative medicine or the psychic arts. At any rate, others will perceive you as being very wise and seek out your counsel. Although money may not matter much to you, you will try to raise it as you see riches as being a manifestation of good energy. There is also likely to be some travel and difficulty settling down as you seek to place yourself in the world where your help is needed most.

Fourth Pinnacle 22
Being "the master builder "of the Fourth Pinnacle number you are likely to be in too powerful of a position to completely relax during your retirement. You are a role model for others. With your personal power and riches comes a responsibility to society and it is very possible that the livelihoods of many people may depend on what choices you make. You are very wise, judicial and kind and many will call you an exemplary human being. It is also very likely that you will be famous for making some kind of mark on society.

We hope you enjoyed this series on the Pinnacle Numbers. In the next lesson we will introduce you to the Special Traits and Life Lesson Numbers which are based on how often certain numbers and letter repeat in your full name!

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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