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When your Essence meets your Personal Year (Numerology Lesson 31)

As well as digging deeper into specific aspects of numerology, we'll soon be covering a wide range of "special interest" topics, including:

  • Determining relationship compatibility (including detailed
  • Relationship compatibilities for each number combination)
  • Naming your baby / auspicious baby names
  • Should you change your name?
  • Lucky and unlucky people
  • ... and a few very special surprises!

So without further ado, let's plunge right back into the Numerology lessons.

As you may recall, we last talked about your Essence Numbers.

So far in these newsletters you have learned how to calculate both your Essence Numbers and Your Personal Year Numbers. When calculating your essence number transits you may have noticed that sometimes the number for your personal year (which tells you what trends are coming up) is the same as the number of a transit you are going through.

Just as a refresher, calculating your Personal Year Number means adding the numbers for your birthday and reducing them to a single digit and then adding the number that totals the current year (2010 = 2+0+1+0 = 3) and reducing that to a single digit.

You figure out your essence number by calculating them on You'll need to recall those letter values, so here is chart for easy reference:

Here is a refresher of what the essence work sheet looks like using movie star Lucy Liu as an example, looking back at the year 2006 when she was very prominent. Her real birth name is Lucy Alexis Liu and her birthday is 12/02/1968.

First off, lets calculate her personal year, which is calculated by adding 2 (the reduction of her birthdate) plus 8 (the number for 2006). Her Personal Year is 1.

Then we go to her Essences Chart where we will be calculate the values of her First Last and Middle Names and adding them together to find out the transits for her years. What we are looking for is a year where her personal year may have been the same as her essence transit. Remember to read vertically! The numbers with an asterisk indicate when her Personal Year number coincides with her Essence transit.

* denotes a year when the Personal Year number matches the Essence number amplifying the influences symbolized by the number.

As you can see from looking at Lucy Liu's Essences numbers, 2006 is NOT a year in her personal year matches her essences year. Her personal year is a 1 and the Essence transit back in 2006 was a 3.

Three is the number that signifies acting and performing. Her personal year number is a 1 so she is probably reinventing herself professionally at the moment as that number means new beginnings. The 9 transit in 2005 and 2006 indicates some kind of rebirth as well. The following year (2007) her personal year will be a 2 and she will be still going through an Essences transit of 3. She is likely to find a partner who will assist her career (my guess is Quentin Tarantino) professionally.

So when was the last time that Lucy Liu had a year where her personal year matched her transit?

The most recent occurrence is in 1995 when she had an essence transit of 7 matching a personal year of 7. This is a year where she may have been more withdrawn then usual or even suffering from a bit of artistic depression.

In 1991, when she was 21 Lucy Liu had a year in which she had a double 3 (a 3 personal year plus a 3 personal transit year). 3 is also about show business so that is probably the year where she decided to go into acting or was discovered somehow.

She also has a double 8 in 1977 (8 personal year meeting an 8 essences transit), which means an inheritance or a year of privilege.

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In 1983, when she was 14, Lucy Liu had a hard time of it. The long transit of 4's and 7's that show between ages 11 to 15 show hardship as 4 is not an easy number. That double 4 year she may have had to deal with a lot of responsibility for her age or caring for a family member.

However like many famous people she has a spectacular run of 3's (the number of the actor) - six in a row from 1989 to 1993.

In the next newsletter we will be giving you the interpretations for matching personal and essence transit numbers.

Until next time...

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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