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Nothing is Random | Your Greatness | Getting Closer (Notes from the Universe)

Nothing is Random

Not the pain or the relief.

Not the answer or the question.

Not the challenge or the victory.

The song or the sparrow...

Nothing is random.

Your Greatness

There's only a little bit of time left.

Soon, everyone will know of your greatness, magnanimous nature, giving spirit, and manifesting prowess.

Would you mind terribly if we began shooting the documentary of your life-so-far?

We want some before and after shots to catch the looks on their faces when they first hear that you'll be on an Oprah special, with the Queen, talking to dolphins.


Getting Closer

The light is getting brighter.

The path is getting clearer.

And you are getting closer.

That's all I'm saying,

The Universe
Mike Dooley and The TUT Team

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