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Month Numbers and Vocations (Numerology Lesson 35)

The day of the month that you were born on could be significant, as it determines what type of job you might best be suited to do. This is because in some folk forms of numerology the digits of the day you were born are said to symbolize the tools and talents that you were born with in life.

So ...

One. If you were born on the first day of the month, then you must be the center of attention so being a politician; public speaker, actor or performer best suits you. You are also a born leader.

Two. If you were born on the second day of the month you relate to people more emotionally than cerebrally, and would make a good psychologist, counselor or sales clerk.

Three. If you were born on the third day of the month then you are tolerant of others and like the spotlight. You make a good teacher, theologian or performer.

Four. If you were born on the fourth day of the month you are energetic and have a good design sense. You make a good house builder or gardener.

Five. Those born on the fifth have inquisitive minds and make good scientists, teachers and computer experts. A job that combines technology with travel is perfect (such as a pilot.)

Six. You are pleasant, know what to say and would make a good advisor, consultant or nurse.

Seven. You have high ideals and are very precise. You make a good novelist, scientist or chemist.

Eight. If you were born on the eighth day you are good with money and are suited to business. You would make a good banker or builder.

Nine. Those born on the ninth of the month are independent spirits who make good counselors, spiritual advisors and healers.

Ten. Those born on the tenth are intense, political and natural born leaders. You make a good executive, doctor or quality control inspector.

Eleven. These individuals are sensitive to the needs to others. They make great teachers and counselors.

Twelve. Those born on the twelfth of the month tend to be consultants or fix-it type people. It is characteristic for them to finish up the undone projects of others. They are good at mediating and sales.

Thirteen. You are a super salesperson who has both charisma and leadership abilities. You excel at architecture, designing infrastructures, politics and screenwriting.

Fourteen. If you were born on the fourteenth you have a methodical way of working that makes you a good contractor, manager or secretary.

Fifteen. This is the number of diplomacy and also denotes a person who will speak several languages. You make a good banker, diplomat or translator.

Sixteen. This is an idealistic number and you make a good social worker. You are also suited to shipping, fishing or working in hospitality.

Seventeen. You love education and would make a good professor. You are also a good counselor or psychiatrist. Fame as a writer is indicated.

Eighteen. You are good at project planning and management. You can thrive in any corporate environment. Construction and design are also possibilities.

Nineteen. You are egotistical and forward-looking. Information technology interests you but you could also be a good spiritual counselor.

Twenty. You are a natural homemaker and would do well as a nurse, caregiver or cleaning person.

Twenty-one. You are a master of speculation and organization and would do well in the financial or publishing industries.

Twenty-two. You are intuitive and scientific at the same time and would make an amazing nurse, doctor, counselor or architect.

Twenty-three. If you were born on the twenty-third day of the month, you are a very analytical person who can mediate or face anything. You would make a good accountant.

Twenty-four. You are good at understanding what makes people tick and would be well suited to a career as a lawyer, paralegal, executive or psychologist.

Twenty-five. If you were born on the twenty-fifth day of the month, there is a very spiritual side to your nature, which makes you a good advisor, counselor or healer.

Twenty-six. You are a hard worker with exceptional organizational skills and would excel in a supervisory or management capacity of any kind.

Twenty-seven. If you were born on the twenty seventh day of the month, you are mercurial, intelligent yet quite eccentric. You are suited to science, telecommunications and working on your own.

Twenty-eight. You are very creative and egotistical. You also love to travel. You would do well working in the tourist industry. Working with animals also suits you.

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Twenty-nine. You are a very caring individual and would do well in any medical field. You would also make a good physical trainer or physiotherapist.

Thirty. You are chatty, charismatic and have a lot of natural talent. You are suited to radio, television, writing or shining as an athlete or inventor.

Thirty-one. You are a true leader and quietly strong and confident. You are precise and would make a great researcher, scientist or explorer of some kind. You are also an excellent entrepreneur and others will willingly by from you or follow you.

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Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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