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Crazy Times | Perspective | You're the Universe (Notes from the Universe)

Crazy Times

Of course, these are crazy times to be alive, when virtually anything could happen next, fortunes are made and lost overnight, friends come and go, and lovers glimpse eternity between fear and ecstasy.

That's why zillions upon zillions of souls, more than you will ever know, said, "No wa-y-y-y, José."

And it's why a few brazen billion, said, "Whoooo-Hooooooooooooooo!"

You all have so much in common,


The higher your perspective, the cooler your life.


You're the Universe

Today, just do a little bit, so that I can do a lot of bit.

That's how it works.

Huge love,

The Universe
Mike Dooley and The TUT Team

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