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Positive and Beneficial Decrees

"My mind is more powerful to serve us better."

"Positive thoughts bring me benefits and advantages that I want."

"Negative thoughts have no influence on me on any mental level."

"Everyday, as the days pass, I am better and better, in any form and any way, without discomfort or pain and with a perfect health ."

"I have perfect control and absolute power over my senses and my faculties, on this level and any mental level where I am, including the conscious exterior."

"I have at my disposal all the energy I need to invigorate myself every time I want."

"I can see the positive side of things, whenever I want."

"I can see the positive side of people, whenever I want."

"I can see the positive side of the whole world in general and of my own world, whenever I want."

"Everyday, anyway, I improve my capabilities, I improve my creativity and I improve my points of view about myself."

"Everyday, anyway, I improve in all the aspects of my life."

"My physical health is improving." "My mental health is improving." "My spiritual health is improving."

"My social life is improving." "My financial life is improving."

"I like life. Life likes me."

"I am the person I wish to be the most."

Tips for your Own Decrees:

- From now on... increasingly...
(use it for the abstract, eg.: "From now on I am more and more optimistic.")

- Before...
(use it for the concrete, eg.: "By December I make a pleasure trip to Europe to see, enjoy, rest and walk around.")

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Brandon said...

Wish to say "Thank you"~!
The Universe brought me here. The universe in me is filled with gratefulness.

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