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Personality according to your Birth Month: April

  • Active and dynamic.
  • They are afraid to love.
  • They forgive but never forget.
  • Honest, generous and very likeable.
  • They love children.
  • They don't live on what others say, they care about their opinion and nothing more.
  • Strong mentally.
  • They love to get attention from others and to be looked into their eyes.
  • They are friendly and like to help others solve their problems.
  • If anything characterizes them is that they are very capricious.
  • Brave. Adventurous by nature.
  • Soft and generous.
  • Affectionate.
  • Good boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • They have good memory.
  • They like to motivate others.
  • Usually they get sick of the head.
  • They don't surrender until they get what they want.

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