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Personality according to your Birth Month: January

  • Ambitious and serious.
  • They love to teach and to be taught.
  • They are always looking for flaws and weaknesses of people.
  • Hardworking and productive.
  • Sensitive and have deep thoughts.
  • Quiet unless they are tense.
  • Reserved.
  • Very attentive.
  • They are prone to colds.
  • Romantic but don't express it easily.
  • Loyal.
  • They have great social skills.
  • They get jealous easily.
  • Immutable in their judgments.
  • Very cautious with money.
  • They are highly direct and sincere when they say things.
  • They hate lies.
  • Don't like solitude.
  • They are capable of giving everything for people who love.

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