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Learning How to Attract Money

Do you want money? Learn how to attract money to your life.

We live in a world of energy. Everything's energy. Money is too.

Money is energy that flows constantly. Because it's energy, it's unlimited.

All you have to do is look around you. What do you see? Houses, cars, trees, rocks, mountains, sea, people. Everything is made of the same stuff, energy. The energy is constantly changing shape. That's why you can attract to your reality the amount of money you wish.

To enhance your consciousness of wealth you don't need anything that's outside yourself. No situation needs to happen for you to have consciousness of wealth. It's your own right.

You are a spiritula beeing with unlimited access to everything you wish to experience in this life. Everything you need is inside you right now.

All you need is to expand your concsiousness of wealth.

According to Quantum Physics, everything you see is made of incredible particles which are under your control. Nothing you see can exist without you seeing it. All you need to do is choose what you want to see, center your attention on it with clarity, focus and certainty. That's how you create your life.

If money is what you wish for, perfect! Imagine your life just the way you want it to be, create a perfect image in your mind, with colors and as many details as posible. Do it everyday and keep your thoughts in harmony with this image you've chosen all day long.You must be coherent with what you want to experience in your reality and how you think and behave during your day.

If for example, you spend part of your day to imagine your financial freedom, you create a vivid image in your mind, you feel happy while you're communicating the next experience you wish to live, but, during the rest of the day, you spend your time listening to news about the world financial crisis, people getting fired, children starving to death from malnutrition, you think about your debts, it's hard for you to spend the money you earned with hard work. Then you get away from what you wish to express: money.

That's how all this information that you place in your mind, as well as mental images, will throw away all the time you've spent to consciously communicate with our creator.

That's why you have to be very careful when you choose the imformation you let into your life.

Your life is the expression of your inner images. Everything you do and experience is an expression of your images, your imagination, your thoughts.

To change your life, work on your images, change your thoughts.

Gabriela Gardelin

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