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Incenses and Fragrances: Attract what you Wish for


- Perfumed and abundant smoke keeps off the bad spirits.

- In places with many appliances on (like at work) a negative current is generated by that energy.

- First you have to clean the place with any fragrance of your choice, and then with a fragrance of what you wish to attract.

- Incenses can be found in the form of sticks, but you can also use these fragrances in the form of essential oil, placing them in little special burners which have a candle inside which heats the oil making it release its fragrance.

- It's important to use the incense combined with candles, both strenghten each other and heighten the efectiveness of the ritual.

- Even though the specified fragrances work for the specified purposes, since they are perfumes they may not be to the person's liking. If this happens, change the fragrances or combine two or three different fragrances.

- The ideal is to feel completly satisfied with the frangrance you're using.


- Civet:
It's used in rituals of cleaning and purification. Also indicated for requests of money.

- Amber:
It acts as an aphrodisiac for both sexes. It gives energy, physical strenght and virility in men.

- Orange blossom:
It stimulates joy, attracts happiness, keeps away worries and negative thoughts. Used to create environments with harmony and peace.

- Benjui:
It breaks spells and curses. Alonside myrrh, incense and musk it's a powerful banisher of bad spirits. Also used to create environments and climates favorable for meditation.

- Cinnamon:
It helps clearing up ideas, favorable for meditation. Also, with honey, it's special for couples bonding requests.

- Eucalyptus:
Used to free environments from diseases and germs.

- Strawberry:
Against depression. It secures willpower, neutralizes negativity, stimulates positive attitudes. Also indicated for moments of love.

- Gardenia:
Inspiration and mind concentration, favorable for studying and creation.

- Incense:
Suitable for cleaning environments loaded with negativity, it keeps the bad spirits away, turns negative into positive, health and spiritual peace.

- Jasmine:
It neutralizes envy, clears negativity from environments. It helps physical and psychological energy.

- Lavander:
Ideal for after the cleaning of the place, has influence in the mood creating positivity, keeps awas fears and insecurities. Purification of environments.

- Lilac:
Used to offer, request for love and happiness.

- Lemon:
Against negative vibes, acts as a body and environment purifier, mantains physical and mental health.

- Eastern woods:
Special to start new things. Besides this fragrance creates a state of absolute mysticism, like spearmint, very appreciated for meditation.

- Magnolia:
It helps solve problems, it connects us with superior mental levels, making possible to see things better.

- Apple:
Favorable for health, it generates well-being and strentgh to overcome any physical and psychological discomfort.

- Honey:
For all kinds of mellowness and calming of people.

- Myrrh:
Used as offering, it attracts protection against all evil and helps mind and spiritual elevation.

- Musk:
Produces stimulating effects, linked with sexual pleasure.

- Nard:
Attracts work and financial stability, combined with spearmint is excellent for business.

- Neroli:
Essential oil of the flowers of bitter orange, with sedative properties, favorable for relax and a good sleep.

- Opium:
Bonding of couples, stimulates sensitivity, attracts love, keeps loneliness away.

- Patchouli:
Used to free inhibitions, it heightens the spirit, it charges positive energy, gives plenitude, confidence. Ideal for shy people. Also to prepare erotic atmospheres.

- Pine:
It purifies foul rooms, produces spiritual strentgh, it harmonizes us with nature. Pine and amber act together to attract women.

- Night queen:
Scent that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac attracting men. Special for women to creat an atmosphere adjusted to love.

- Rose:
It stimulates generosity, fellowship and family warm. Also special for love atmospheres.

- Spearmint:
It attracts money, work, purifies the environment, promotes perseverance, purifies the sould, attracts luck, fortune, and opens roads.

- Sweet Spearmint:
Creates atmospheres propitious for making more money.

- Lime:
To calm angry people.

- Vanilla:
It leads to kindness and humility, promotes spirituality.

- Violet:
Against desperation, it distends the body and mind, gives inner peace.

- Ylanylang:
Special for cleaning of business and prosperity.

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