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Give Money, and Receive More Money (Law of Attraction)

Giving is a very powerful action to attract money. When you give, you're expressing "I have enough".

On the contrary, if you think "I don't have enough money", you won't have it. If you think you don't have enough to give, start giving. Have faith and the law of attraction will give you more so you can keep giving.

The wealthiest people in the world are the biggest philanthropists. They donate big amounts of money and, by giving, the law of attraction returns it multiplied.

Giving isn't the same as sacrificing. One sends out the signal of having more than enough, while the other sends out the signal of scarcity. With one you feel good, and with the other you feel bad.

Keep in mind that having material abundance not necessarily guarantees what we really want: happiness. We usually look for happiness in external things, but actually it's the opposite. First you must find inner happiness and peace, and the they will express in the exterior.

Life is abundance in every aspect. You might go after the money and you might become rich, but that doesn't guarantee that you are. Money is part of wealth, but just one part.

Abundance, in every aspect of your life, is your birth right and you have the gift to create it. The external world is the world of effects, it's the result of thoughts. Tune in your thoughts and frequency to happiness, and all your wishes will show.

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