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Techniques to Overcome Any Kind of Fear

Plan any exposure to situations that involve danger

It's important that you have a strategy and achievable defined goals.

It's very easy to go off track and waste energy if you don't have a roadmap to indicate you how to get to the destination point from the starting point.

In this case the roadmap would indicate us the road to take "from how we feel and where we are to how we want to feel and where we want to be when the trip is over".

Don't give room to the thought of failure

It's verified that 95% of the things we fear never happen or, what is the same, that 95% of the times we worry for nothing.

The way to deal with this is to deeply analyse the failure target of our fears and, whatever it is, accept it.

Convince yourself that you can come out of it successfully.

Seek the help of those who really sympathise with your case

Don't hesitate to ask others for help, specially those who understand your problem.

A problem shared is a problem reduced to half.

Avoid the negative influence of others

At the same time, you should also separate yourself from those people who, for whatever reasons, don't wish your success.

People can be very unpredictable; even those who are your friends can suddenly turn into messengers of bad premonitions.

Find alternatives to escape fear

If a direct attack at your fear seems too crazy for you, split up your fear into smaller handable pieces or try to approach it from different angle.

Splitting the fear into smaller pieces means dealing with more handable fragments of fear until all of it has been treated and defeated.

Approaching fear from a different angle

Approaching fear from a different angle could be, for example, gaining confidence by talking to someone who has had the same fear and was able to defeat it, or even watch someone else doing what you're afraid to do.


What do you think about these techniques?

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