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Self-Observation, The Path To Happiness (Psychology)

Our flaws or "mes" of the psychological type (which can be identified as the seven deadly sins: wrath, pride, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy) are unconsciously manifested through our wrong ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Since they are multiple flaws (each flaw is like a person inside of us) this causes us to be different people from time to time, and therefore full of terrible contradictions.

That way, at one moment we feel love for someone and at another moment we despise them; at one moment we wish for something, but when we get it we lose interest in it; at one point we are gentle and then we turn violent, etc.

When those "mes" or flaws are processed in us, they steal our energy. It's not wrong to wish for something, the internal conflict arises when that's all we look for in our lives and we forget to help the others to focus in ourselves.

It's because of all this that self-knowledge necessarily begins with a rigorous observation of "oneself", since otherwise it would be impossible to eliminate "mes" or flaws we're not aware of or even worse, many times we don't admit having.

Therefore Self-Observation demands a very particular effort from each one of us. It's a personal task. No other human being can do this task for us.

Only through a rigorous psychological observation "oneself", we can make evident the tremendous reality that usually we're not one same person, but through the unawareness of our human machine many flaws or "mes" are manifested. Our full happiness begins to come to light when we unify those parts and become one, we meet our real self.

The base of the spiritual work, of self knowledge, begins with a rigorous observation of "oneself".

The psychological transformation is a definite possibility that is lost when we don't work on "ourselves". One someone begins to thoroughly observe themselves, to observe their thoughts, feelings, etc., it's because they started a serious work about their inner nature and further on they will understand that motto of the ancient wisdom: "Change nature and you will find what you're looking for".


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