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How to Attract your Ideal Job using the Law of Attraction

In this article we'll deal with a broad aspect to help you find your ideal job using the Law of Attraction on your benefit.

Like in every process of attraction, it's important to always keep focused, motivated, and active, until you materialize your wish.

Let's begin! :)

The Three Basic Steps to Attract Everything

In the article "How to use The Law of Attraction in 3 steps" it is deeply detailed, but here we'll apply it on getting the ideal job.

Ask for

What kind of job do you wish for? Don't settle for any job that provides you with financial incomes. Job happiness is about doing what inspires passion in you.

What do you like to do most in your life? In what field do you perform better? Is there anything you can do that only a few or only you can do? What would you do even if you weren't paid a cent, just for passion? In the answer to these questions is the key to your ideal job.

Once you clarify the field in which you want to work, think of all the details of that job: How many hours do you want to work? How would you like your work place to be like? How would want your relationship with your co-workers to be like? And with your boss? Or do you want to be your own boss? How much do you wish to earn?

Be very specific about all these answers and all the information that helps you focus your mind on the job you want. We suggest you don't focus on a specific enterprise, but to leave the way open for any job that fits in the characteristics that you mention. Make sure to write all this.

Have faith

Trust that the job with the characteristics you detailed is already yours. The Universe already started to pull the strings that will lead you to it.

Keep this in mind, because now on your mission won't be to look for that job, but to find it. It's very important that you reflect on this point and understand it.

In some metaphysical level, your ideal job already exists in the very moment you asked for it.Now you must keep pushing forward on its encounter.

Keep the right thought: positive and trusting yourself and the Universe (or whatever deity of your appreciation). Don't attach importance to the doubts and fears. Reinforce your blind faith that the job already exists and it's yours, and that it's only a matter of time to find it.


You must act like the job is already yours. Try getting up on time to go to work, getting dress for work, imagine getting to the work place and greeting your co-workers, decorating your work space, etc. Do whatever it takes so you can vibrate in the right frequency.

If you're not comfortable with acting, you can practice the Meditation detailed below.

It's not all imagination, you must act too. Tell your friends and loved one about the job you're looking for. Pay attention to every indication. Listen, observe. At the moment you ask for, your ideal job is already on its way, and it requires your attention to follow the roads that will take you to it.

Also, instruct yourself in all those skills that you must learn or perfect to perform better at your job. Put up together a brief and impressive resume (dedicate an important amount of time to its preparation) to arrange interviews and go out with confidence to find your ideal job.

Have at hand a picture of your family or whatever is your motivation to find get job. Take a look at it before every interview, or before leaving your house to find your job.

Tools of Visualization

Mainly, we suggest you do this Decree to Attract your Ideal Job everyday.

Also, you can put together a Visualization panel: a collage of images that make vibrate positively. Put a picture of you where you are happy in the middle of the visualization panel, and surround it with motivational images, positive affirmations, achievements, titles, etc. Locate the panel in a spot where you see it everyday, at least 5 minutes a day. Here are some images that can be helpful.

Another strong tool of visualization is the meditation we suggest below.

Meditation to Attract your Ideal Job

To do everyday, as part of your visualization routine.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. First focus on your breathing. Then, slowly relax every part of your body, from your head to your feet.
  3. Picture yourself at home or your usual place, with your phone next to you. You're relaxed at the time the phone rings. You pick it up and listen to a kind voice asking for you. The person calling greets you kindly and tells you that the job (here you must include the ideal job you're asking to be manifested) is available for you and that they need you in one week. Feel the natural emotion of this conversation. Picture yourself hanging up the phone and reacting euphorically about the good news. Imagine telling your loved ones about the call and how you were offered that job you wanted so much. Enjoy this moment.
  4. Now it's your first day at work. Picture yourself walking into your office. Observe every detail around, from the decoration on the walls to every object on your desk. You're wearing your favorite clothes and feel happy and calmed. Every person you run into greets you kindly and warmly, welcoming you to your new job. You feel at home since the first moment.
  5. Fast forward now. Watch the days go by with total harmony. You enjoy your job to the fullest and the opportunities it offers you. You get home everyday feeling happy and with a lot of energy to spend time with your family.
  6. Finally it's pay day. You get your payment directly in your ban account and when you see it it's the perfect amount that you want. You thank life for this money.
  7. Fast forward the movie again, and you see every pay day come up, your financial balance at the bank, increasing more and more in your favor. You picture yourself gratefully paying all the services you use, buying things that give you well-being and helping other people financially. You have money for all of those things and still have a lot more to save up. Feel the happiness of having financial abundance.
  8. Little by little, come back to your reality. Be certain that your ideal job is already on its way.

Ritual to attract your ideal job

Some people have difficulty focusing during meditation, so they prefer rituals, which also have an impact on a subconscious level, which is where the Law of Attraction interacts. Do this ritual with a lot of faith, and visualizing positive results.

You need the following elements:

  • A white candle
  • Bay leaves
  • An object made of gold or silver
  1. Light the candle, in a safe place, put the piece of paper (on which you wrote the wish you want to receive) in front of the candle and put the bay leaves and the object made of gold or silver on the paper.
  2. Put your hands on these objects with your palms down and visualize yourself performing the job you want so much, while you say these words: "With the power of gold or silver that shines, I ask at this moment to be favored by fortune and find my ideal job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Repeat this ritual everyday until your wish is materialized.

Read this article again and prepare your routine of attraction, meaning, all the steps you'll take everyday until you find your goal.

We close with this phrase from Facundo Cabral: "Who does what they love, is infinitely condemned to success."

Has this information been useful to you? Please, leave us a comment :)

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