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The Elephant and Mind Chains (Reflexion)

Once upon a time, there was a kid whose most favorite thing about circuses was the animals, specially the elephant. During the show, the enormous beast would show off its weight, a colossal size and strength. But after its act, the elephant was kept tied up to a small stake stuck to the ground with a chain that imprisoned one of its legs. However the stake was just a small piece of wood barely buried a few inches in the ground. And even thought the chain was thick and powerful, it seemed obvious that an animal capable of pulling up a tree from the roots, could easily free itself from the stake and run away. The mystery is evident. Why doesn't it run away?

The kid trusted in the wisdom of older people and asked his father about the mystery of the elephant. He explained that the elephant did not escape because it was trained. Ahhhh!!! He then asked the obvious question: if it is trained, why do they keep it chained? He got no coherent answer. Years later someone, truly wise on elephant matters, found out the answer: The circus elephant won't escape because it's been chained to a similar stake since it was very, very small.

Close your eyes and picture the defenseless newborn elephant tied to the stake. At that time the little elephant pushed, pulled and sweat trying to become free. And, despite its efforts, it didn't make it, because that stake was too hard for him. Imagine that it falls asleep exhausted and tries again the next day, and the next, and the next. Until one day, one terrible day in its history, the animal accepted its impotence and gave up to its destiny. That enormous and powerful elephant we see at the circus won't escape because, poor thing, thinks it can't. The memory of the impotence it felt soon after being born is printed in its mind, and never, never tried to test its strength again.

All of us are a little bit like the circus elephant, we go through the world tied up to stakes that take our freedom away, but they are mind knots we can eliminate. If you think you can't do something, you will be right, if you think you can knowing there are many ways of trying, you will be right too. Whatever you believe, that will be your reality. Mind beliefs, limiting and instilled by others, can be eliminated naturally, only if you wish for it and believe in yourself. An optimistic attitude and wanting to project your illusions to the exterior will help you find the necessary means through people or situations often unexpected, but they will open the doors that will lead you to your personal realization.

Before finishing, we'd like to leave the parabola and move to the reality that circus animals live in. We all know about the mistreatment they suffer when they're trained. Freedom is the natural state of these animals and, or course, not being tortured. To that end, don't favor any of these "shows". No clients, no business. Thank you very much.

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