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How to Accelerate the Law of Attraction?

You will be able to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

It's really easy, if you can trust and believe, even without seeing the manifestations, if you don't get discouraged and keep going even though your efforts seem in vain, and if you don't try to manipulate the things, thinking about what way you're going to get them.

These are some of the main fails people commit when they apply the Law of Attraction:


Don't be desperate if things don't manifest immediately, if you're constant and patient, you'll see the miracles come into your life.

Remember you're the creator of your own world and, therefore, you've been creating your world since you were born, so everything that's clung to your mind is what has manifested your whole life: fears, love failures, the lack of money, etc.

You yourself have made those things your reality.

Now you have to reject those thoughts, get them off your mind and replace them with new thoughts, that will take some time while your mind gets used to the new messages you're sending to it.


To accelerate the Law of Attraction you must be persistent and constant.

For example, if you want to have a fit body, necessarily you're forced to work out regularly, this means you have to create a workout routine if you want to get some changes in your body.

The same happens with the change of mentality. Practicing one or two days, or just one week, IT'S NO GOOD, you must create a habit and stick to it, repeat it as many times as you can in the day.

To some people it'll take longer than to other to see results depending on the degree of pessimism and negativism with which their mind is contaminated, and also depending on how much time they dedicate to it.

After a short time you will begin to see little results, and then the manifestations will be bigger, until with practice you'll find yourself creating the world you wish.

Lack of Faith

When you make the affirmations, believe in them, feel like you already have what you're saying.

You have to think about it and believe it too even though you're not seeing it yet, because if your though doesn't correspond to your reality, you will come out as skeptical and it won't work that way.

If you make an affirmation, for example, if you say "I have a lot of money", but your current reality is that you have a lot of debts and financial problems, then, your subconscious mind will reject that affirmation and annul it, because your belief of having no money is stronger because that's what's manifesting in your life at this moment: the shortage, the lack of money.

The Universe vibrates with your strongest thought, which in this case is the financial difficulty.

There is no use in saying the affirmations, when deep inside you think and feel the opposite.

The Universe will act quickly as long as the wishes, the thoughts, the emotions and the energy are correct.

To accelerate the Law of Attraction, you must always believe and your mind will end up accepting it.

Wanting thins to be done your way

Don't tell the Universe what way it has to make your wishes come true, because you will be putting barriers and therefore keeping it from becoming real.

You must be willing to receive, give yourself without conditions, without saying when, how or where it must happen.

Just decree with faith, don't worry how things are going to come to you, stay calm but act as the opportunities show in your way and be willing to receive all the blessing the Universe has to offer you.

When we have a problem, we focus on sensations of anxiety, fear, desperation, anguish, doubt, because we can't get what we need or want, but when we give ourselves with confidence, we let go of those fears and manage to eliminate the limiting beliefs that block our minds and we start to see our wishes manifested as if by magic.


Maybe to you it's not that easy to force your subconscious mind to believe things in anticipation, that's because your conscious mind filters every thought and you create those barriers that are keeping your from creating your new life.

Remember: Everything is in your mind. Change your mind and your world will change.

What is your biggest limiting belief? Please, leave your comment! :)

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