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How do others see you? Personality Test

Do the next test to know yourself better. Remember tests are only a guide and are not determining.

It's a test used by Human Resources Departments in several important companies and it's useful to know better their current and future employees.

The answers must be about your current life and not the future or past, and you must only write one answer per question.

So, take a paper and write down your answers for your test.


1. What time do you feel in your whole potential?

a) In the morning
b) In the afternoon and first hours of the night
c) Way into the night

2. You usually walk

a) Pretty fast taking long steps
b) Pretty fast taking small steps
c) Not too fast, with your head up, looking everyone's faces
d) Not too fast and bowing your head
e) Very slow

3. When you're talking

a) You stand with your arms crossed
b) Your hands are crossed
c) You put one or both hands on your waist or in your pockets
d) You touch or push the other person
e) You touch your ears, your jaw or you play with your hair

4. When you are relaxed, you sit down...

a) With your knees bent and your legs close together
b) With your legs crossed
c) With your legs stretched or straight
d) One leg bent under your body

5. When someone is really funny, you respond with...

a) A good laughter
b) A laughter, but not too loud
c) A silent laugh
d) A shy smile
e) You keep a straight face

6. When you come to a party or a social event...

a) You make a loud entrance so everybody notices it
b) You make a quiet entrance and look around looking for a familiar face
c) You make a very quiet entrance trying to go unnoticed

7. When you're very concentrated on something special and you are interrupted...

a) You appreciate the interruption
b) You feel very irritated
c) You might react either way

8. Which one of the following colors do you like the most?

a) Red or orange
b) Black
c) Yellow or sky blue
d) Green
e) Blue or purple
f) White
g) Brown or grey

9. When you're in your bed about to go to sleep, you lie...

a) Lying on your back
b) Lying face down
c) On your side, kind of rolled up
d) With your head resting on one arm
e) With your head under the blankets

10. You usually dream that your are...

a) Falling
b) Fighting or struggling for something
c) Looking for something or someone
d) Flying or floating
e) Usually you don't dream
f) You dreams are always pleasant


Now using this chart, add your points...


From 60 to 64 points:

People see you as someone they need to be careful with; they consider you vain, selfish and extremely dominant. Maybe others admire you, wishing they looked a little like you, even though they don't always trust you and hesitate getting completely involved.

From 51 to 60 points:

People think you have an exciting personality, pretty volatile and impulsive. They see you as a natural leader, someone who makes quick decisions, although they aren't always the right ones. They consider you daring and courageous, someone who likes to try, take chances and enjoy adventures. They enjoy your company because of the emotion you radiate.

From 41 to 50 points:

People consider you to be strong, cheerful, charming, funny, practical and always interesting; someone who's constantly the center of attention, but balanced enough to not go over everyone else's heads. They also consider you to be a good person, considerate and comprehensive; someone who always cheers them up and helps them.

From 31 to 40 points:

The others think of you as sensitive, careful and practical. They consider you to be intelligent, gifted or talented, but humble. They see you as someone who won't make friends easily or quickly, but someone very loyal to their friends and expects the same loyalty from them. Those who really know you, they know it takes you a long time to trust your friends, and that you also have a hard time forgetting when someone betrays your trust.

From 21 to 30 points:

Your friends consider you scrupulous and nervous. They see you as someone very prudent, extremely cautious, someone slow and persistent but not too talented. Everyone would be very surprised if you did something impulsively or without thinking, since they expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle before you make a decision. They think you react this way in part due to the fact that you're naturally very cautious.

From 15 to 20 points:

People think you're shy, nervous, indecisive and that you need to be taken care of. You show yourself as someone who always wants others to make your decisions and doesn´t want to get involved with anyone or anything. They see you as someone constantly worried and who sees problems where they don't exist. Some think you're boring and only those who really know you know that's not the case.


How did you do? Please, leave your comment!

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