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Ruling Chakra Based on Birth Date

Influences of Your Birth Day on Your Personality and Your Ruling Chakra. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... Each day is governed by a different planet, influencing our personality. Discover more about the energy you possess, bringing abundance, love, or health into your life.

Astrology teaches us that the day we are born contributes characteristics that can influence our future. This is because each day is ruled by a specific planet.

Let's delve into the energy we harness or have been bestowed with, as this brings us closer to abundance, love, or health in our lives.

In this article, you will explore the vibrational energy of the special day you entered the world and learn which Chakra you should work on to balance the corresponding energy.

To find out which day you were born, visit this page.


Your ruling planet is the Moon. Despite having a lot of vitality, individuals born on Mondays may doubt their capabilities and can become somewhat pessimistic.

Passionate, they dislike mediocrity, often admired for their sense of justice, and their advice is highly regarded by those around them.

Their great artistic sense allows them to add their touch to everything with an infinite sense of good taste.

However, they need to find balance in love, as they tend to have very constant mood swings and lack security in their relationships.

Chakra to work on based on your birth: Sacral, which governs sexuality and receiving.


They are quite assertive, literally armed, as their ruling planet is Mars. They are usually extroverted, full of dynamism and energy. The good thing is they never leave anything unfinished and do not rest until they see their dreams fulfilled.

However, they often defend their projects so vehemently that they can be perceived as stubborn. This is a situation that could be balanced a bit to avoid conflicts in the workplace.

Extremely affectionate, they love receiving affection from their partners. They find it difficult to end relationships; it is recommended that they set aside excessive compassion as it can compromise their future projects.

Chakra to work on: Root, to cut off what is not serving them.


Very noble, those born on Wednesdays are usually open and spontaneous. They are highly appreciated in the workplace due to their innate abilities to express things appropriately, ruled by Mercury.

Their style is elegant, often imitated by people of the same gender, although they also tend to stir up envy in their wake.

In love, they are very sensitive but quite jealous. Social life gives them life and new ideas, so it is always good for them to seek moments of relaxation in natural environments.

Chakra to work on: Solar Plexus, to present themselves as leaders and avoid envy.


For those born under the influence of Jupiter, life is often seen through optimistic lenses. They are extremely sensual and cheerful.

Love can be complicated because they have many options, so they should try to be consistent and opt for security in affection rather than impulse. In their work and with their family, they are protective individuals, willing to give everything for others.

They are advised not to go to extremes, as they often neglect their own dreams to keep the dreams of others alive. In terms of fashion, they like vibrant tones that activate good energy around them.

Chakra to work on: Third Eye, so with so many things on their mind, they can materialize.


Very affectionate, the influence of their ruling planet, Venus, gives them innate beauty and extraordinary femininity. They enjoy manual labor, and family is their main strength.

They should try to close themselves off a bit to criticism, as it can often hurt them. Perseverance and hard work describe them very well.

With a not-so-overloaded look, they stand out for their charm and the sensuality with which they wear their clothes.

Chakra to work on: Heart, as they need to filter criticism and not let it steal their energy.


Introverted by nature (ruled by Saturn), they may seem a bit cold, but that's only said by those who do not know their intimacy. Just and full of generosity, they are perfect counselors and work allies.

In love, they need time before allowing someone to discover their secrets. Optimistic and cheerful characters are suitable for balancing this aspect. They like things clear, and when it comes to speaking, they do not accept ambiguities.

Chakra to work on: Throat, so they can express what they feel and not keep it inside.


A life full of adventure describes the character of those born on this day. The Sun rules them, marking a future where work is an essential part of their lives.

Considered excellent workers, they may sometimes neglect their affections. Highly creative and spontaneous, they almost always achieve their goals.

Their extreme honesty can hurt those around them, so caution is recommended. In a relationship, they are very passionate, as fiery as the Sun itself.

Chakra to work on based on your birth: Crown chakra, as they need to balance their emotional aspect and not just work, work, and work.

My energy flows in harmony with the chakras, manifesting balance and well-being in my daily life.

What has your Birth Date revealed about your Ruling Chakra? Please leave your comment 🙂

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