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Numerology Course

Imagine this if you will: there's a long room with doors at each end.

In this room there is money, attractive people of the opposite sex, books that tell you the secret of success, and many other valuable articles.

But, also in this room and bottomless pits, traps, hostile persons, and dangerous beasts chained in various places around the room.

You must walk through this room, but you may take out of it anything you choose.

Now if you have the choice, would you choose to:

Go through the room blindfolded, or go through the room with your eyes open, and with written instructions on which places and people to visit or avoid.

Of course, we would all pick the second choice in a case such as this. Isn't it ridiculous, then, that we would choose to go through life, the same situation, blindfolded! Even when there is a means to go through life with a map and our eyes wide open! The means provided is numerology. The map is our numerology chart.

Although numerology has been practiced for centuries, in modern times it really does have huge practical applications particularly if you are interested in psychological self-investigation.

It can also be used to predict high and lows in your life as well as determine what makes you (and others) tick.

Perhaps its greatest value is in its capacity to help you assess your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as provide you with an intuitive snapshot of another person's traits (something I was once skeptical of, until I tried it!).

In the following posts we are going to teach you the following basic concepts:

  • How to familiarize yourself with each number by getting up close and personal with the KEY traits associated with each.
  • How to determine your life path number, revealing the central focus of your existence, and the best course you should chart for your own growth and development.
  • How to use your full name to determine your Expression number, showing you how best to make the most of your talents and abilities (some of which may still be undiscovered!)
  • How to use the vowels in your name to determine your soul's purpose, used to help reveal and satisfy your most innermost and important desires.
  • How to use the consonants in your name to divulge your inner dreams and maximum potential in life.

In addition, you will learn through using simple charts and worksheets:

  • How to determine at roughly what age you enter major life cycles and how they will impact your life.
  • How to determine what your personal year is and how to take advantage of this period of time so that you can make optimum use of the blessings offered during this "window of opportunity."
  • How to use numerology to detect your life's challenges and personal weaknesses (which is not as negative as it may sound, since you can compensate for them as soon as you are aware of them);
  • How to use numerology to find reveal practical challenges you can expect in the future.
  • How to divine your karmic number which will tell you about your particular strengths and challenges as you travel along life's paths.
  • How to find the essence of your name (also known as your transits) to find out your true focus for periods that demarcate the phases of your life.
  • How to find the four pinnacles of your life and at what ages these important periods, which are the equivalent of the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter of your life, will occur.
  • How to determine your Planes of Expression Numbers which tells you to what extent you are an adaptable, grounded, or creative personality... and whether or not your personality is centered more in your mental, physical, emotional or intuitive spheres of being.

Finally the course will wrap up with a practical template that shows you how to do a reading for another person, using all of the information you have learned in the course.

At the very least, learning numerology is a fascinating journey of self-discovery ... at it's most it is a revelatory metaphysical science and self-help tool, that can provide you with more great insights about yourself and others than you ever dreamed was possible!

So, once again, I welcome you as we take this enchanting journey into the world of numerology. On the next post, we'll look into the specific meanings of each number, which we'll then use as we start putting together your complete numerology chart.

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Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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