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The CORE Elements (Numerology Lesson 1 - Part 5)

There are about twenty components in a person’s birth date and birth name. The CORE of a reading involves only five of these components. The main CORE or the foundation of the reading consists of the following elements:

1. Life Path (always modified by the day of birth)
2. Expression or Destiny
3. Soul Urge or Essence
4. Personality
5. Maturity or Growth

Using the core numbers will give you a basic numerology reading. The core numbers are accurate as far as they go but as you add other components or modifiers to the person’s reading, the reading changes. The following are four ways that adding other components will change the energy influences in the reading:

- The relative power of the elements. Each element has a shift in power when other components are added and the energy is influenced.

- The modifying abilities of the elements. The strength of the elements and their ability to affect the reading are changed as more components are added.

- The amount of harmony or discord the elements provide will change when more components are added especially when the numbers are repeated or doubled.

- The effectiveness of the combined elements can also change.

Mixing paint can be compared to how the elements change in a reading when more components are added. You can start out with a can of pure white paint but when you add just a drop of yellow pigment you immediately alter the color to white with just a hint of yellow. Now if you add a drop of blue it will change the paint to white with a hint of green. However, if you add a drop of red to the mix your white will change to light beige. Add two or three drops of red and you will have salmon or pinkish beige. Add more yellow and you are on your way to orange. The CORE or foundation of the paint is still white but depending on the additions to the white, the color is affected. It is changed in appearance and in value. Changing the value of the paint turns it into either a warm or a cool color. If just one drop of yellow is added there will be just a ‘hint’ of yellow but two or three drops of yellow and the paint is no longer viewed as white but rather pale yellow. It will no longer be used as white paint. The paint will no longer be considered white with just a touch of yellow; it will be yellow paint.

How number energies will change:

Numerology readings will change depending on the modifiers or the added components. Here is how a reading may change. As an example let’s say the person in the reading has a 4 life path number because his date of birth is February 3, 1961. This means he is hard working, practical and orderly. His birthday is the 3 energy so combine this with the 4 and we now see that he is creative about his hard work and tends to have fun with the work he does. He enjoys working hard. He is not seen as a person who works hard but as a person who enjoys working hard. His basic white has a drop of yellow and it affects his personality traits and his abilities. His friends will say, “Oh he is happy today, he is hard at work on his latest project!” For this person, laying on the couch with the remote and a bag of chips is not satisfying.

Now if his expression or destiny number, which tells of his abilities, is a 1 we see that the hard work he does is best used in an executive or administrative role. Adding a drop of red to the mix, the 1 energy, makes him an independent thinker and worker. His white with just a hint of yellow is now changing color and value. The 3 energy spurs him on to be an original and creative leader. However, say his soul urge or his essence (the driving or motivating force behind him) is an 8. The 8 intensifies the life path 4 and gives him specific direction and purpose. His color deepens. His intensity deepens. Now we understand that he is driven to wealth, success, status and power.

His path in life of hard work clearly has a specific purpose, that of achievement. He probably has a tendency to approach his efforts from the standpoint of being dominant and controlling. He may be too dominating, too exacting, stubborn or rigid and repress his feelings. However, with the yellow of his 3 energy in the mix, his personality will be tempered and his rigid edges may be softened and he may find it easier to lighten up on himself and others and enjoy the creative side of his 4 life path. His basic white is strengthened because the 4 and 8 energies work well together and that energy is boosted. Still the 3 of the birthday keeps his white tinted with a hint of yellow. His 3 personality is an added element, more yellow, that softens his approach to life and brings some creativity and fun to his life. Now the guy who is all about hard work, money and success has a fun side bringing balance to his life. His stark white is now a shade of yellow making him a much more pleasant person to be around.

If the maturity or growth number is also a 3 then this approach to life may come to him in his later years. The growth number will give me little boosts when he most needs it along his path in life. Then, during his third major cycle he will finally understand that his true joy comes from the creation aspect of his strong work ethic and that following the flow of his originality and creativity will produce the success his soul demands of him. This will hit him hard because there are repeated 3’s in his core. Now his white has been mixed with extra yellow and the intensity of the change affects his life.

More components can be added to the basic 4 life path number or his basic white that will describe him further. For instance, looking at his 4 life path number, the modifiers, the last two numbers used to reduce down to the 4 is 13. This means that behind his 4 is a karmic debt, which he is destined to work through in this life experience. The 13 means he chose the 4 life path to correct the abuse of work related responsibility in a previous life. He probably acted selfishly burdening others with his rightful share of the work. Adding the 13 energy is like adding a drop of red and a drop of yellow into the now pale yellow paint. This changes his color from pale yellow to a hint of salmon. His energies have been influenced or modified slightly by adding the karmic 13.

Hopefully you can see that the basic 4 energy of the hard worker who is practical, organized and disciplined is still true but you have a much broader picture of this person than you did with just the life path 4 energy. No one is just pure white. Everyone has a mix of energies that create their personality, abilities, challenges, desires and opportunities for growth. Understanding the core elements is the beginning of understanding the person.

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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