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What is Numerology? (Numerology Lesson 1 - Part 1)

Numerology is not about fortune telling, mind reading, the planets and their positions, casting spells or the occult. It is not magical or a mystery, it is purely an ancient science of numbers. It is about the numbers in your life and what they say about you, your personality, your abilities and talents, your heart’s desire, your motivation and your natural tendencies. Numerology will give you deep insights into your life that will help you reach your highest potential at any given point in your life.

Numerology is based on your full birth name, the name you use most frequently today including nick names and your date of birth. Each letter of the alphabet has a number representation and each number has a different and unique vibration.

The Universe has many different vibrations that flow together much like an orchestra has many different instruments that when played correctly flow together in a harmony that is beautiful. The energies or vibrations of the Universe also vibrate in a harmonious way like music. Your life also is filled with vibrations that when allowed to operate to their full capacity will vibrate in a congruent way like music and like the Universal energy. When this happens you will experience a very satisfying and fulfilling life. When your vibrations are out of sync or are being suppressed in some way, you will experience a difficult or even unhappy life.

The word Universe actually means Uni or one verse, one song. The latest physics publications have defined the Universe as a ‘unified energy field’. Your life experience is a symphony vibrating to the energies of your life as they flow in and through the energies of the ‘unified energy field’ as one melody. When your energies are out of balance, your life experience is out of tune with the Universal symphony and this imbalance comes through as either obsessive, compulsive behaviors and emotional responses or as apathetic or lethargic, emotionless behaviors.

Numerology is considered an ancient science of numbers because it was literally discovered thousands of years ago. The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras revived the science some 2600 years ago but in more recent times the new phase of numerology is accredited to L. Dow Balliett who published several books on the subject. After that resurgence Dr. Julia Seton did a lot to make numerology a more widely known science. Others have also contributed like Juno Jordan, Florence Campbell and many more. Today there are a ton of books on the subject, it is all over the Internet and now everyone seems to know just a little about Numerology.

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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