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How does Numerology work? (Numerology Lesson 1 - Part 2)

Numerology is an ancient Science. It’s believed that every person has preordained lessons to be learned from this life experience. Numerology recognizes an energy vibration which emanates from each number represented in a person’s date of birth and birth name which affect the challenges, experiences, and opportunities each person encounters in their lifetime.

Each letter of your name has a numeric value. The most influential number values emanate from your date of birth, which determines your life path. Each number represented by the letters of your names interplay with and influences the number vibration of your date of birth or Life Path number. All the number energies of your chart interact with each other and their value makes an impact on your life experience. These influencing energies directly affect your emotional intensities, ambitions, and abilities.

When two people join in a relationship, their energies are also joined. It is now a proven fact that even spending time sitting next to someone will change your energy vibration while you are sitting together. Have you spent time in a group of highly spiritual individuals discussing spiritual ideas? You can feel your vibration rise. If the room was a little chilly when the group arrived, it isn’t long before you want to turn on the fan. The energies experienced in a long-term relationship affect how the couple both relates within the confines of their own relationship and how they relate to others in their life experience. These energies may create challenges in some areas of their relationships, or they may enhance or embellish in other areas.

NUMEROLOGY IS AN ANCIENT SCIENCE…not fortune telling or divining. It is prophesy in a way but serves as a much greater tool than a prediction. When you become aware of influences and obstacles, it becomes easier to make adjustments and changes based on gained knowledge. How well you adjust and make changes in those difficult situations determines how well you maneuver through those preordained life lessons not to mention how well you function within your relationships. Numerology is an amazing science and helpful tool for reaching your highest potential in this life experience. It allows you to take full advantage of the personalized knowledge awaiting you.

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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