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Discover How a Numerology Reading is Used (Numerology Lesson 1 - Part 4)

Perhaps the best way to explain how a Numerology reading used is to tell a little story. A numerologist sits at her office desk and in walks a potential client. He introduces himself as Matt and says he is struggling with a career choice. He is not happy with his current occupation even though he makes a very comfortable income. This is a very simple request and just a very basic reading should quickly provide him with a positive direction in his career choices.

The first thing the numerologist will do is make a quick assessment of his first name. At this point it is the only information she has been given. Right away she uses her knowledge of name analysis through numerology and knows his natural tendencies are to be a strong independent worker who is well grounded with a strong awareness of the material world suggesting he is probably very practical and good with money.
She can tell this by the energy of the first two letters of his name, ‘m’ and ‘a’ as well as how the ‘m’ is structured. It is obvious also that Matt is a nickname that he must use often because this is how he introduced himself to her. The energy of the name Matt is 9 which is about someone who cares a great deal about his community and wants to be of service to his fellow man. Already she can tell he is probably experiencing conflicting energies.

She will now ask his basic information to create a quick chart. She asks his date of birth, his full birth name or given name and the name he uses most frequently today. After calculating this basic information she can now see his core numbers, the numbers that carry the greatest influence in his life. Matt’s given first name is Matthew which is as she had anticipated but spells it with two ‘Ts’ instead of one. This gives Matthew a 9 energy which is the same as his chosen nickname. His Life Path number is an 8 which is about hard work and stability or practicality. So far she knows his destined path in life is one of being the stable hard worker but his personality is one who has compassion for his fellow man. These can be very confusing energies for Matt. The 8 and 9 do not usually mix well. The 8 views the world from a material standpoint while the 9 sees the world from a spiritual perspective.

Further calculations show that Matt has a destiny or expression number of 4 but his soul urge or essence number is 9. This means that Matt is destined to experience or express life through his hard work ethics. However, the thing that motivates him, the urging deep within his soul or his heart of hearts is that of compassion for his fellow man and he longs inwardly to somehow be of service to his community.

Matt has an 8 Life Path which means his direction in life is that of achievement and success especially as it relates to business savvy. So now she knows that his maturity number is 3 which is about enjoying material pleasures, being creative and having fun in life. This is fitting being that he is experiencing a lifetime of working hard toward monetary success and also being driven to give of his talents to community service. A much deserved fitting conclusion to this life will be to reap the benefits of his efforts and to finally have fun with what he spent his life creating. Being that Matt is only just entering his second major cycle of life he is still in the building stages. This means that his career choice is extremely important right now as it will set the stage for a very happy ending.

At this point in the reading our numerologist has a couple very solid suggestions for Matt as to a good career choice. Before offering any advice from her findings, she asks Matt his work history. He tells her his first real job was as a mechanic. He said he did make decent money doing it and was pretty good but it was not something he really enjoyed doing. The job became a drudge so he decided to make a huge change and became a salesman and started out as a used car salesman. He did very well and was moved into the sales department specializing in new cars, very expensive new cars.

Even though he does very well selling new cars and is making good money, Matt is not really happy with his career choice. He feels somehow unfulfilled. He enjoys making the big commission checks but feels torn when he sells a car to someone he knows really cannot afford the extravagant expensive new car. Some days it is really hard work for him but other days it seems much better. He is confused.

Looking at Matt’s chart, it is obvious that he is feeling conflicted because his soul is urging him to be of service to his fellow man. Those days when he sells an expensive car to someone who has no business buying one, his soul is conflicted. He is not being of service to this person and his heart tells him so. When he does sell a new vehicle to someone who can easily afford this luxury he knows he has made them happy and feels he has provided a service to them. This is an easier work day and the commission check is much sweeter for him.

Now our numerologist can explain to Matt why he feels this way. Being a mechanic was drudgery because it only fulfilled his need to work hard and in such provided the stability he enjoyed. Moving into sales was a better fit but he is feeling conflicted and dissatisfied with his sales career because it does not often fulfill his need to be of service to his fellow man. Sales may be a good career choice but perhaps he is in the wrong kind of sales.

She explains to Matt that to reach his ultimate goal in his mature years of being able to relax and enjoy the wealth he has created he will need to make a change now. Matt’s strong urge toward being of service to his community might better be served if his career choice were selling insurance. Insurance is something that everyone needs and will provide great benefits to the person who buys what Matt offers. By selling security to others in the way of insurance will not only be a type of service to his fellow man but will be a lucrative business venture as well. This will satisfy his soul urge and his life path direction.

Another career choice might be an accountant. This is all about good management of money which is his area of expertise and it will benefit others helping them make the best use of their finances. Matt does admit that making money has always come easy to him so with his business savvy and his credentials he might want to consider being a business consultant. Once again he would be using all of his energies to their fullest potential.

Matt might also consider being a fund raiser. With his knack for making money and his compassion for his community, this might also be a good fit or at least a great way to spend his free time. Matt enjoys hard work and money so fund raising would actually be a fun activity for him to consider. It could be something he might enjoy doing when he reaches his retirement years.

Even though this has been just a very basic Numerology reading, Matt is stunned. After a brief silence he tells our numerologist that just last week while sitting down with his insurance agent, out of the blue he had been offered an opportunity to become an agent himself. His agent said that he was sure Matt would do very well and his company was in need of a new recruit who showed potential. Matt admitted that the offer, although taking him off guard, was something he had been seriously considering ever since. He also had not thought of doing fund raising and that too had a lot of interest for him. Matt left her office with a lot to think about and a much better understanding of his own energies.

This is a simple story about just one way a Numerology Reading is used. The more in-depth the reading goes the greater the understanding the person will have about who they truly are and why they feel the way they do about the experiences they have in life.

Understanding the core elements is like understanding the music of your soul.

Understanding the inner workings of the ancient science of Numerology should begin with the core elements. These are the most influential numbers in a person’s life and as such are the core or foundation of all that a person is; their personality traits, potentials and challenges.

All the numbers and their vibrations are based on these two simple guidelines:

Numbers used are always in a cycle of 1 through 9

Numbers are always reduced down to their simplest form, a single digit unless they are Master numbers 11,22, and possibly 33

The numbers in the chart are reduced to a single digit (unless they are the master numbers 11, 22, or 33). The numbers run in cycles of 1 through 9. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a number energy. The universal energy of each number is the number vibrating in its purest form. Once other components are added, the vibration is changed or modified. The Life Path number in particular, is written in numerology with the last double digit followed by a slash and then the final single digit as the main numbers. For instance, a 6 life path number may be written like 24/6 or 15/6 depending on the two-digit number just before the final single digit.
(2 + 4 = 6 or 1 + 5 = 6)

What does this mean? In our illustration, 6 is the Life Path number. What lies directly behind that number influences how the vibrations of the 6 are felt or expressed. For instance, if the final two numbers before the 6 were 24 then the number is written as 24/6 life path number. The basic energy of the 6 life path is a person who feels great responsibility toward their family and friends and shows much love for them. The 24 energy behind this loving 6 tells how this person will handle or express that loving responsibility as they walk their path in life. The energies of the 2 and the 4 in 24 describes a person who needs to work hard at finding ways to bring peace and balance to his family and friends. He is works at being the support they need to meet their challenges in life.

However, if the numbers directly before the 6 are 15 the life path number is written as 15/6. The 1 and 5 of the 15 describes a person with the same loving responsibility but one who needs to take the responsibility on himself to find various ways to bring positive changes to his family and friends. He feels he needs to solve their problems for them.

These are two individuals with the same life path number but how they approach their loving walk in very different. Being that it is important to know the underlying energies behind the core numbers, it is almost always a good practice to make note of the double digit directly preceding the final single digit number.

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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