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Lovely Words | Beat the System | Time and Space (Notes from the Universe)

Lovely Words

Whatever you have to say, say it with love.

Love you.

Beat the System

Usually the most beautiful people, the most popular and loved, the "in" and chic, cool and hip, are the last ones to ever wonder about life, how it really works, manifesting change, and making a difference.

You beat the system.

Ever proud.

Time and Space

Once one passes through the entry gates of time and space (this applies to you), it may be handy to know that simply dwelling upon joy, abundance, or anything else involving people, will literally draw complete strangers into your life, as if they were puppets on marionette strings. Creating new and totally unpredictable circumstances that will bring you more, more, more of whatever you were thinking about.

Rebel yell optional.

The Universe
Mike Dooley and The TUT Team

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