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Interpretation of the Middle Life Numbers (Numerology Lesson 15)

Continuing on with our investigation into the meaning of the Life Cycle Numbers, we now move on to discussing the interpretations of the Middle Life Cycle Numbers. As you may recall from the last lesson, the numerological calculations of the Middle Life Numbers describe what influences the second 28 years of any one person's life.

To refresh your memory, this calculation is figured by taking your DAY and MONTH of birth and reducing them down to a single digit. You then take the numbers of the YEAR that you turned or will turn 57 and reduce that to a single digit. You then add both of these sums and reduce it once more to a single digit. However the exception is if this sum adds up to result in any one of the two master numbers 11 or 22. In this case you do not reduce the Middle Life Cycle Number but utilize the interpretations for both master numbers instead.

If you have already calculated your Early Life Cycle Number, then the short cut to finding your Middle Life Cycle Number is to simply boost it up a number. For instance if your Early Life Cycle number was 3, then your Middle Life Cycle number would be 4 and your Later Life Cycle would be 5.

Here are the interpretations for all the Middle Life Cycle Numbers, which cover the influences from age 0 to age 28.

Middle Life Cycle Number 1
You will enjoy a healthy, productive adult life. Usually this period is devoted to working hard to realize a great dream. Typically you have launched out on your own and are enjoying running a thriving business. The temptation is to live a life that is all work and no play. Taking time out to smell the flowers is recommended for these adults who are driven by an ambition and a need to be the best.

Middle Life Cycle Number 2
You are fated to work with others or as part of a team. Your success is very dependent on the success of those around you so during this period you have probably greatly enhanced your personal and social skills. Striking out on your own does not work as well for you as selling someone else's abilities. You are blessed with loving relationships and many friends who appreciate your loving support.

Middle Life Cycle Number 3
Things come easily to an adult number 3, especially money. However, you spend it as fast as you make it. You probably lead a creative and carefree life. You make the most money using your artistic talents. You are a very popular individual although your love life may be filled with a series of relationships rather than just one solute. Watch out for a tendency to be too generous or extravagant and remember to save money for your old age!

Number Middle Life Cycle Number 4
You are most likely a very calm, stable and reliable personality who can handle a great deal of responsibility. You are more likely to be in a conservative occupation. You are likely to save a great deal of money during these years. Your health can be risked by working too hard. You are a loyal individual who often lucks out by finding a mate for life. You are a great parent and are fated to have lots of children.

Number Middle Life Number Cycle 5
You may feel a bit lost in life or like you are having difficulty settling down. You are an impulsive individual who is fated to go through a series of jobs and relationships. This is because you become bored very easily. You prefer a life that is full of adventures over security and stability and as a result break many hearts. You are destined to travel or pursue exotic experiences simply to satisfy your endless curiosity.

Middle Life Cycle Number 6
You may feel like you have to work harder than others to make a living. This is a very karmic path and it may be difficult for you to get ahead in anyway without first making personal sacrifices or promising to share your wealth with others. Even at this stage in your life you may find yourself taking care of your family or other people's families. Your adult years really do suit the phrase "you get your rewards in heaven, rather than on earth."

Middle Life Cycle Number 7
Sevens are often fated to continually pursue an academic career and if not they are usually passionate about learning about some subject on their own. Many adult sevens are loners and eccentrics so they may suffer from social problems that make it difficult to find a partner or suitable employment. The "real world" may seem boring to you so your challenge is to try not to drift so far away from society that you are penniless.

Middle Life Cycle Number 8
Your adult years are likely blessed with supremely high levels of attainment. You are destined to be wealthy and in a leadership position. You have a knack for making wise investments and when it comes to achieving your goals, the sky is the limit for you. You are probably a pillar of the community and if you are attentive to your friends and family you will probably enjoy harmonious relationships throughout your adult life.

Middle Life Cycle Number 9
Your adult years may be highly concerned with spiritual matters and self-investigation. You are probably a humanitarian who is less materialistic than others. Your natural generosity often hinders you from saving much money however others are deeply grateful for your compassion and empathy. You may not accomplish much in terms of career or education but you are sure to be blessed by many fans and friends.

Middle Life Cycle Number 11
You are so concerned with spiritual and ethical matters and changing the world for the better that it may be difficult for you to find suitable employment. Chances are that you will spend a lot of time travelling or seeking out the truth about life. Many of you are adept at metaphysics. Teaching, healing and uplifting others best maximizes your spiritual talents. Nervous disorders and nervous breakdowns are also common for adult 11s because they are so sensitive to everything.

Middle Life Cycle Number 22
You are a spiritually advanced individual who can achieve great things as an adult. However you need to be prepared to recognize the many opportunities that do come your way as opposed to cultivating a Zen like state of bliss. Usually 22s do very well in any occupation they choose but as they are master builders they should try to launch a great new scheme of some kind whether it be related to science, business, lifestyle or metaphysics.

In the next lesson we will take you through the final stage of Life Cycle numerology by providing you with the interpretations of the Later Year numbers

Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan from "Numerologist".

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