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"The Forest" Psychoanalytic Test

Don't cheat! because that would cause this test to lose all meaning.

It's very interesting, do it! While you read, imagine the described scene in your mind. Read and answer question-by-question. Answer the first thing that comes to mind. Use paper and pencil.


1. You are walking alone in the forest. With who do you want to go or be there?

2. You keep walking through the forest and suddenly you see an animal. Which animal do you see?

3. How interact you and the animal? What happens between you and the animal?

4. You continue walking in the forest and you going more and more deeper into it, until you discover that you get to a cleared and flat place. In this place there is a house, it's the house of your dreams What size does this house?

5. The house of your dreams that you are seeing does grate or something to protect it?

6. After thinking about it, you decide to enter the House of your dreams. You explore it a bit and discover that you get to the dining area and right in front of you is the table. Describe what you see ON and AROUND the table.

7. You get out of the house by the back door, and you realize that there is a cup lying on the floor. What material is this cup made?

8. What do you do with that cup?

9. You keep walking until you reach the property boundary of the house of your dreams. Just at this place you realize that you are standing at the edge of a water body. What exactly is that body of water you see?

10. How do you cross the water?

This test is a relational psychological test. The answers you wrote to each of the questions are important to learn about the ideals that you manage in your personal life.
The analysis is as follows:

1. The person who is walking with you is the most important person in your life.

2. The size of the animal you saw represents the perception you have about the size of your problems.

3. The degree of interaction you have with the animal represents how you handle your problems, i.e., if you are passive or active to a problem.

4. The size of the house of your dreams represents how ambitious you are to solve your problems.

5. If you don't see any grating, indicates that you are a very open person. For you, people are welcome at any time and at all times. On the other hand, the presence of a grate in the house indicates a closed personality. In this case, you are one of those people who would prefer not to receive any visit that you've not been waiting.

6. If in the table you saw no food, people or flowers, then generally you are an unhappy person.

7. The durability of the material of the cup represents the how you perceive the durability of the relationship that you keep with the person of the number 1 answer. For example, if you saw a cup of dry ice, plastic or paper, then it is a disposable relationship. But if on the other hand, if your cup is metal or ceramic, then you perceive the relationship as very durable.

8. What you have decided to do with your cup represents your attitude towards the person named in the answer number 1.

9. The size of the water body you saw represents the size of your sexual desire.

10. What you wet when crossing the water indicates the relative importance of your sexual life.

And how did it go?

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