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Just Look Up... (Reflection)

Think it...

The Vulture

If you put a vulture in a drawer that measure 80 inches x 80 inches and which is completely open on top, this bird, despite his ability to fly, will be an absolute prisoner.

The reason is that the vulture rises from the ground with a run of 120 to 160 inches. Without space to run, as its habit is, it will not even try to move its wings and will be prisoner for life in a small jail homeless.

The Bat

This animal that wanders through the air during the night is a highly skilled, but can not rise from a place at ground level.

If you place it on the floor level, all it can do is crawl helpless and painfully, until it reaches some slightly elevated site and launch itself into the air.

Then, immediately it can take off.

The Bee

If the bee is placed in an open container, it will remain there until it dies, unless it is removed from there.

It never sees the possibility of escape that exists above it, however it persists trying to find some way of escape by the sides near the bottom.

It will continue seeking a way out where there is no, until it completely destroys itself.


In many ways, we are like the vulture, the bat and the bee.

We deal with our problems and frustrations, without ever realizing that everything that we have to do is look up.

That is the answer, the escape route, and the solution to any problem.

Just look up...

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