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How to Attract Money with the Law of Attraction?

How to Attract Money with the Law of Attraction?
To attract money to your life you must focus on wealthy and abundance. It’s impossible to attract money if you feel you don’t have enough or that you need the money. Those are indications of scarcity thoughts, and that way you’re creating more scarcity in your life.

You have to turn to your imagination and pretend you already have the money you need. While you play pretending you have the money you want, you’ll see you start to feel well, and once you feel well, money will begin flowing in your life.

All the money you wish for already exists at this very instant on an invisible level. If you don’t have it yet, it’s because you’re stopping the flow with your scarcity thoughts. It’s probable that, as much as you try to feel abundance, a scarcity thought leaks in. Don’t worry, you just need to have more abundance thoughts than scarcity and you’ll make the change.

Being and feeling happy now is the shortcut to anything you want. Once you do that, you’ll be able to attract everything that brings more happiness to you. Remember: the Law of Attraction is always reflecting your most intimate thoughts and feelings.

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