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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Anubis - From december 16th to january 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Anubis - From december 16th to january 15th
Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Anubis, the Jackal
Power word: I use

Symbology: It's the God of Death, entitled "Sovereign of the Sacred Land". It symbolizes devotion and dedication.

1. Brave and peaceful, they never get into a fight, unless they feel attacked and need to defend themselves.
2. They're methodical, reliable, and patient.
3. In intimacy they're devoted, slow and need time to reveal their feelings. They need to admire their partner to love them.
4. Whatever happens, they're usually strong and fighters, for which they will win many battles, with effort and persistence.

Regent planet:
It's Saturn, which gives them wisdom, maturity and patience.

Goal in life:
Born to impose order, patience, organization, respect, traditions and to work with dedication. Their mission is to lead weaker people and transmit security and confidence to those who need it.

They possess a practical and realistic sense of life which allows them to solve problems. They own a serious style for which they project trust and respect on the others. They have a great capacity to organize and direct.

Stubborn and with strong prejudice. Although they're introverted, their energy makes them excellent speakers. In matters of the heart, they can be naive and little romantic.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to relax, be flexible and enjoy life a little more. They have to be less pessimistic and show affection. They need to overcome pessimism and the severity of their thoughts, resentment and the exagerated worry about the material.

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