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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Hator - From november 16th to december 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Hator - From november 16th to december 15th
Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Hator
Power word: I see

Symbology: Defender and protector of women, love and pleasure.

1. Associated with unconditional friendship and loyalty.
2. With an intense personality, they possess a great energy, are anxious and barely patient. They have a strong temperament and a doctrinal tendency.
3. They like to be in motion, which makes them participate in trips and have an intense social life.
4. Their behaviour is spontaneous and childish, since they usually are quite naive.
5. To fall in love they need a dynamic partner who stimulates their curiosity and need for knowledge. They love to captivate and seduce.

Regent planet:
It's Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy, and luck, wich fills them with optimism and enthusiasm.

Goal in life:
Their mind is always eager for more knowledge, which leads them to study, read, investigate, and exchange opinions and knowledge. Their enthusiasm and action will be contagious. Born to conquer new horizons, discover, travel, and learn.

They're usually curious and observant. Not afraid of anything, wich leads them to live unexpected events, but for being so optimistic, they're always offered help.

Proud since it represents the Emperor and who is in control. Feeling of superiority and greatness.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to control impatience and anxiety. They must assume responsabilities and accomplish them, without leaving things to chance.

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