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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Bastet - From January 16th to February 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Bastet - From January 16th  to February 15th
Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Bastet, the cat goddess
Power word: I know

Symbology: It represents the fertilizing heat of the Sun

1. They combine diplomacy, wormth, and mental speed. They have the gift of harmony, balance, and good taste.
2. They mark their territory just like cats do, with their scent and energy, but they loathe having people interfere with their intimacy.
3. They love freedom and can’t stand impositions and routine. They curious and fond of the different and mysterious. They easily make friends without compromise.
4. They have a quick mind, and learn fast, the rest just bores them. They’ll have a life full of surprises.
5. When it comes to love they need a strong person who respects their partner's own space and gives themselves with passion.

Regent planet:
It is Saturn and its goddess Bastet, the cat, who makes them a rebel, independent, and not very conventional.

Goal in life:
Born to change the world, they provide new ideas, styles, conventions, to eliminate the old and obsolete and break the rules and impositions. They'll be criticized for the way they think and behave, but only that way will they achieve their goals.

To have a humanitarian and altruistic vision. They'll create, invent, innovate with their imagination and creativity.

They love freedom so much that they can't keep an affective commitment. They also have trouble getting orders and follow strict schedules.

Mission to evolve:
They need to develop patience with things they can't change and people who don't keep pace with them.

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