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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Selket - From february 16th to march 15th

Planet: Neptune
Symbol: Mother Selket
Power word: I give

Symbology: It's the femenine counterpart of the god Ptah with a lioness head. Associated with agriculture and work.

1. They always move forward with a steady and persistent pace. Tireless and with a physical strength. They're methodical, reliable, and patient.
2. They're obstinate and usually strongly prejudicial; althought, sometimes, they're good listeners.
3. Under their modest aspect, they have a determined and logical mentality. Although introverted, their energy makes them excellent speakers.
4. Gifted with intuition. They'll give moral and material support to their family and friends.
5. They need a strong, dynamic, and protective partner.

Regent planet:
It's Neptune, which provides them with kindness, spirituality, and mysticism. They're romantic and helpful people.

Goal in life:
Born to serve, help, colaborate, understand, and heal. One of their most important missions will be to teach other people to behave heartily. Always willing to sacrifice themselves for their love ones.

None of the other signs has the quality of self-sacrifice so developed as Selket and its greatest strength is the ability to inspire, support, elevate, and heal others.

They have trouble making decisions. They must channel their energy to specific goals so they won't get distracted. Their challenge is to overcome their fear and become aware of their potential. They have to stop acting like a victim and take responsibility for their actions. Not being authentic all the time.

Mission to evolve:
Not taking the victim's place or seeking all the time the approval of others. To grow, their spirit must learn how to be more realistic, objective, and practical.

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