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The "Ballerina Test"

If you see the ballerina turning clockwise, you use your brain's right lobe more often, if you see her turnink anti-clockwise then your left lobe prevails.

Most people will see her turning right. In which direction do you see her turn?

What does this mean?

Some medical investigations have proved that the lobes of our brain dictate certain characteristics of our personalit.

Right Side Prevailing:

- You use your feelings
- Space perception
- Impetuous
- Oriented to risk
- The imagination rules

Left Side Prevailing:

- You use logic
- Oriented to details
- Practical
- Aversion to risk

Why does this happen?

The image of the turning ballerina is a classical example of an optical illusion. She's not really turning in a precise direction. There are 34 frames running sequentially like in a movie, giving the impression of movement.

Our brain always tries to interpret the world in a tridimensional way, even with bidimensional images. We could also say that not taking in consideration all the characteristics of the image, the brain arbitrarily chooses the best possibility, that is if the ballerina is turning to the right or the left.

Once the brain makes this choice the illusion is completed and we see a tridimensional image that turns according to the choice our brain made.

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