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The Power of the Mind and The Law of Attraction

We all own this mind power named Law of Attraction. The first thing we have to consider is that we attract (and we've been attracting) events to our life whether by conscious or unconscious thoughts. From this moment, that you are aware of the law of attraction, you have to start to let out those thoughts that usually go unnoticed by our consciousness.

Secondly, you have to open your eyes and realize that everything you want is already in your reality, and all you have to do is set out towards it. Do you want money? That money already exists and it's up to you to point your thoughts and actions in its direction. Sooner or later it itself will be attracted to you as you are attracted to it. That's how it is and will be for anything you wish for.

Do you want to know what your past thoughts were? Easy, look at your present. Everything's that's around your life has been attracted by you, even without knowing anything about the Law of Attraction. Do you want to know your future? Just as easy, you must carefully choose your current thoughts and repat them over and over, complementing it with the action and intention towards your goal. It can't miss, it's a natural law.

All living beings work with the law of attraction. The only difference between humans and animals is that we have the ability of being conscious about our existence. We can reflect on ourselves and choose our destiny, what we want for our lives, for our passing through this reality.

You must be asking yourself, how does the Law of Attraction work? The truth is we don't know much about it, but it truly works. On the other hand, you don't need to know the how, but you just have to trust, get into a good vibe and get ready to attract EVERYTHING.

Are you afraid of your negative thoughts? Don't worry. It's been scientifically proved that the wave transmitted by a negative thought is one hundred times weaker than those transmitted by a positive thought. Therefor, eliminate all worries, and if a negative thought comes up, deny it and choose a positive thought instead, one that affirms your wish or whatever makes you feel happy.

One last point to consider is to the Law of Attraction is added the Law of Gestation. What does that mean? It's the natural and necessary time the Universe will take to reveal your wish. Think that everything if life needs its gestation: a baby, harvest, a study. Nothing comes overnight, everything has its gestation and maturation time. Keep this in mind and wait for your wish with faith, when the time is right, it'll come.

One piece of advice: practice Meditation. This will allow you to keep an internal balance necessary for any attraction, above all it helps you put yourself on the right frequency: alpha. Do you know the Silva Method? Get Here 3 Free immersive exercises!

Remember this: the best version of yourself that you wish for so much, already exists. All you have to do is think and act towards it, and sooner or later it will express itself, without exceptions.

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