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The Law of Attraction and Love

There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of Love. This feeling is the highest frequency you can send out. If you put love in every of your thoughts, and if you could love every being and things the same way, your life would transform.

Some great thinkers from the past referred to the Law of Attraction as the law of love. If you have unpleasant thoughts about someone, you will experience the manifestation of those unpleasant thoughts. If you have thoughts of love, you will receive the benefits. The bigger the love you feel and radiate, the bigger the power you're using.

Do you think the Universe is friendly? According to the law of attraction, the only possible answer is "YES". Why? Because when you answer this way, that's what you'll experience through the law of attraction.

So far, you might have thought life is hard, that's why the law of attraction made you live it that way. Start now to yell at the Universe: "Life is very simple! All the good things are coming to me, now!".

In the deepest of your being there's a great truth: you deserve all the good things in life. Deep down inside you know it because you feel terrible when you don't experience them. You are your own creator and the Law of Attraction is your great tool to obtain everything you wish for.

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