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The Secret of our Thoughts and Feelings

Like we already said in previous publications, the Law of Attraction is a law of nature, like the gravity law, for example. What does this mean? It always works, no exceptions.

Remember everything that's part of your life was attracted by you, good and bad. Maybe you were conscious about it, but most likely is that you weren't. From now on, you have to start to create your future life in a conscious way.

In this publication we will move on a little further from the thoughts and know the secrets of feelings. What are feelings? They are chemical responses of our brain to different thoughts. These chemicals produced by our brain get to different parts of our body, generating sensations and feelings (love, fear, joy, nervousness, etc.)

Summing up, first you think (consciously or subconsciously) and then you feel. Feelings are a great gift which we have, for they help us know what we're thinking. If you feel well, keep thinking what you're thinking. If you feel bad, stop for a moment and analyze your thoughts. Get rid of every negative thought, and instead, replace them with positive thoughts.

If you search in your thoughts and can't find any negative one, it' most likely to be subconscious. In this case we advise you to close your eyes and ask yourself "What's happening to me, what am I thinking about?". Then, wait for the answer. Whatever the case is, once you identify the thought, it must be annulled (try the phrase:"Canceled, canceled") and replace it with a positive thought.

If you're having trouble knowing what you want for your life, or you know and can't visualize it, don't worry, just focus on feeling well. Do things that make you happy and eradicate every negative thought. Feeling well will put you in the path of good, and more good will be attracted into your life. It wouldn't surprise us that, among all that good, your wish will appear, or in any case, a rope to pull and get closer to it.

Therefore, always feel good and avoid feeling bad, because that will attract more bad into your life, and that's not what we want, right?

Feelings are very powerful. They are the ling between our thoughts and the Universe. You get what you feel, not what you think. But what you feel is your choice, caused by your thoughts. Don't let your feelings rule you, be their boss and use them in your favor.

For that reason we suggest you do right now a List of Positive Resources. What's that? A list where you write down every thought, phrases, actions, or whatever it is always makes you feel well. Whenever you feel bad, go to that list to change right aways the vibes your sending out and replace it with a positive one.

Please, leave your comments and tell us how you've been implementing your thoughts and feelings to attract positive events into your life :)

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