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Body, Soul and Mind (Psychology)

Did you know the word Psychology derives from psiquis (soul) and logos (study)?

Being this its origin, modern psychologists don't acknowledge the soul and confuse it with the mind.

Human beings are a compound of body, soul and mind. The body is the manifestation vehicle. The soul our spiritual state. And the mind is the connection between both.

Our mission on Earth is to develop ourselves, healing both our own and the planet's wounds, as well as evolving to a greater stage.

If the world isn't entirely a pleasant place for you, consider the change is possible but it starts with you. Change yourself and you'll change your reality and that of your next generations.

Therefore, on your path of growth, consider the change isn't only mental, but also spiritual and corporal. None is more important that the other: the three are closely related.

Wisdom's maximum motto, which was given by the Prophetesses of Thebes to the seven wise men of Greece, among whom were Solon and Thales of Miletus, and inscribed on golden letters on the portico of the Temple of Delphi, reads:"HOMO NOGSCETE IPSUM", "Man, know yourself and you'll know the Universe and the Gods".


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